Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The zoo

Working in NYC is not easy!! Your day is filled with your commute on the trains or walking. This not a joke!! If you could spend one day with me in my world and see what it's really like and what I go through to put one day together most of you wouldn't even begin to tackle it!! Yet, it's the greatest undertaking I've ever experienced. Luv xoxo


I befriended a nice guy who teaches math at NYU. He's was born and raised in Jamaica. So I felt it my part to terrorize him with my American humor and bubbly personality. He's really a nice guy, I talk, he listens and laughs. He asks all sort of questions. Funny. He said to me, " Have you ever gone to Canada?" I said, "Noooo, what the hell would I do in Canada!!" Eeewwwhh, I told him I was bored in Italy!!! Except when I was in Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius was smoking!! Awesome!! That had my attention!! Lol, Florence was my pace, but anywhere else, I would be bored out of my mind!!
As we passed by Newark airport a plane was landing, I told him I always wanted to be an airline pilot, but I suck at math!! That's when he told me he has his masters in engineering. Too funny!! He laughed like all hell at that. I just told him, math was never my thing. I think he was quit bewildered with that.
New York is soo the worlds capital. Sooo exciting. In the salon the other day was a charming women who we befriended, she has written five broadway plays!! Gosh, how fun!! I would luv to write a play!! Oohhh, I imagine how drama filled my play would be!! Good conquering evil, Carrie Bradshaw taking over Amanda Priestly's office!! Oohhh, how good it would be..... Xoxo

A New York City Hairdresser

My girl, born and raised in the Bronx!! A true New Yorker, luv her!!

Wella World Headquarters

Great class!! Teachers good. Explained things thoroughly. Great attitudes! Enjoyed. Would recommend to all.

Salon politics

I want to be a voice for ALL frustrated hairstylist out there. Working hard, hardly making a living, but enduring because we luv standing behind that chair!! SPEAK UP and out!! Are you frustrated and mad??!! SPEAK, let it out!! Why can't these salon owners get this right!!! Everyone's an EFFN know it all!!! I TOLD YOU, IF YOU NEVER STOOD BEHIND THAT CHAIR YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND OR GET IT!!! JUST SHUT IT!!! Something needs to be redirected here, I can't grasp it on my own. Someone other than me has to get where I'm coming from. Or are you all the stigma of "the dumb hairdresser?"
Our clients come in and vent to us, which is all good, this is what I sooo enjoy about the business. People just need someone, they need to feel loved. Us hairdressers give that, that's our brand of magic. But who's our voice? Who's hearing our voices when we want to vent and are frustrated??? There's ALOT OF US OUT THERE FRUSTRATED AND NOT HAPPY!!! If little me could help or reinvent this I would. Think bout it!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

French Fried

Ok, I'm done for the nite!!! When "I" think people are being too loud!! I know I'm done!! Time to go off and find a quiet place, some alone time. There's always people on top of me!!

NYC Diner

I luv my diners, so here I sit after work at a NYC diner, blogging. How retarded is that??? Now remember, sometimes I'm a foreigner here in my own country. The City is sooo international, little white Anglo Saxon me is the outcast!! Right now as I sit here in my cozy diner of mid-town there's two girls sitting nearby speaking French. To my right I here Spanish. The French girls are blondes. They look tired like I do. Our hair all a mess, makeup worn off. I'm tired from aaaahhh what exactly! Not quit sure?? Socializing all day??!!! The French girls are probably tired from roaming the city, endless hours of shopping, trying to figure out our lovely town. I see them with a city map. Are they planning their day tomorrow?? Most likely. So am I, I have to be at the Wella headquarters for an all day color class. It's right by Rockafeller center. Maybe on lunch I'll head to the top of the rock. If its not raining, and throw myself off, maybe I'll be worth more money dead than alive beings that my children think I'm either a brain surgeon or an ATM machine!!! Sweet little angels that they are. Devil money spawns!!! I hope they grow out of this money thing, it would be nice to have roll reversals don't you think??!!!!
They do good with me as their beloved mother, my two sweeties. I'm sure I have fully prepared them for the world!!! Their good, their as traumatized as it comes!!
Ready to handle any life situation. I'm Nooo Joan Crawford and I hate wire hangers as well, but I DEFINITLY have not been a doting mother in their teen years!! Oh well, it will make for great stories some day when they tell their children what I was like!!! Lmao!!! GOD BLESS my little luvs

The View


The evil Web we weave

Beautiful looks

Narcissism at its finest

A hairstylist friend told me come June Nick Arrojo salon has an opening for an assistant position. He also proceeded to tell me he never talks to anyone on his staff. Oh please!! Obviously he's forgotten where he's come from! Another male hairdresser that thinks his shit doesn't stink. Well quess what Nicki, it does, and sometimes it's smell bad!!
It gets even better, Mr. Wonderful can't find it in him to talk or acknowledge his staff but he can find time to lower his standards and come to a little town called "Wescosville" and mingle with the other group of narc. He should be sooo embarrassed. Would never work for any of these pathetic people. I bet they have stripper poles in their salons!! Tehe

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Writers

What's up guys??? I started writing and you all come to the surface. Soo strange!!


Their trying to get me to focus. I'm working on it, sooo irritating!! I thought I was focused??!!! WTH!!! I HATE structure!

Dare to be

"We are put on this planet only once, and to limit ourselves to the familiar is a crime against our minds."
----Roger Ebert

New York City Grunge look

Your average New Yorker is soo easy to spot. They will look like hell!! That after sex, just jumped out of bed look.
The younger girls all wearing the stupid sock bun, with some sort of leggings on and their Chuck Taylor's. On the upper east side, they all have their gym attire on because their pretending to have gone to Soul Cycle or yoga.
The guys all wear a North Face jacket carrying a backpack. The true men of New York are complete Sheldon's and Leonard's. oh god just stab me in the eye!! Their glasses bigger than their EFFN face!!
I must say everyone is always reading or studying something which I like, because like Auntie Mame always said "knowledge is power." Mmmmhhh but to what extent??? I know of a girl who thinks her knowledge is her power, but in all reality, she doesn't know EFFN shit!!! Complete social misfit as well!!! She should live in Paris with all the haters!! The French are known to dislike anyone but themselves!! As the Italians say, "Funguli"
Kiss my ass, spin it around and kiss it again!!! Ciao

34th street

34 street is AWESOME!! I like how you can stand on the Hudson and look right down to the other side. Just gorgeous on a beautiful day


I'm sorry but you have been dismissed from my life. I'm a sweet kind person and tired of always being second rate girl. I deserve sooo much to be someone's ALL!! You where not treating me well and I decided to keep on my own path of beliefs that if you don't meet my standards you need to be removed. Your level of narcissism was soo obvious and you even realize that you are one. You said it to me just the other day!!
I'm going to stick to my guns. I'd rather be alone than sell my soul to a devil. I've done that. You don't deserve me!! Please go order a mail order bride!! You like the foreigners anyway. That's because you can control them!! You are not going to control or verbally abuse this American girl!!! Ain't happening!!!
You need to keep it moving. And I don't even think Doctor Phil could get through to you!!! Good luck destroying someone else's life. GOD BLESS


I've come to realize a healthy relationship can only incur when the both of you step up to the plate with full acceptance on who you both are.
The baggage we all have from our divorces can be unbearable. But through luv, understanding, patience is the only way it's going to survive.
Some take no time to heal from the last relationship. That's because their heart was already out of the relationship before calling it quits with you. This is what happened in my marriage. The stress and emotional trauma caused me to switch off and go numb long before I walked away.
That's how people are able to move on sooo quickly to someone else. They were either cheating on you with their new conquest or that's where their heart was already.
Best thing to do is take time, step away from the dating seen until you heal. Take this time to figure out who you are, what you really want, and how you want the next chapter of your life to go.
LET GO OF THE BAD ENERGY PEOPLE!!! I have a hard time doing this as well. But you must!! Why are we all chasing after someone who's not chasing after us??!!!!! Bad energy will suck you dry!!!
A good man will understand you don't all of a sudden are blinded to the attractiveness of others just because your in a committed relationship. And NEITHER IS HE!! HE TRUST YOU!!! NOW THERE'S A CONCEPT!!!???? Someone who is always accusing you has the guilty mind himself!! Don't let him fool you with that!!
That's what I was sooo blinded to. ALWAYS getting accused??!! And in the end it was him who was secretly hiding her from me.
A good man will also understand that a healthy relationship, couples aren't attached at the hip. But live there own lives & experiences.
Now for those arguments. Because Noo couple goes through life without disagreements. In your most volatile arguments, both of you have to realize you need to have a voice of reason.
A GREAT guy sticks around when you are Completely irrational or down right bitchy.
The biggest thing he will brag you up to EVERYONE!! His friends, family, hairdresser, even the damn guy at his favorite coffee stop!! Why?? Because he thinks you are just down right fab, funny talented, gorgeous, amazing!! If he's not doing this, your not the one!! Wake up!! If he's still crying over his xwife and his divorce, where exactly do you fit in??? Mmmhhh ??? Everyone will see through that. Little does he know. Or his stupidly is just that, stupid is what stupid does!!
If this isn't what you have walk away, please, you deserve all of this and more!!
Now, I'm in one of the most loved cities in the world!! It's a romantic city. But I'm alone, experiencing life on my own but growing in sooo many different ways. I will NEVER tolerate any stupidity anymore!!! I need to be more selective on who I put in my I life. The destruction of these characters on me had been beyond EVIL!!
---Chief Joseph


Mostly everything I post are conversation that clients are talking to me about. I in return address it and shoot it out there.
Standing behind my chair isn't a job, it's my luv. I enjoy each and everyone of you. Your personalities are all so different, your stories can make me laugh like all hell or break me to my knees in sadness. You all come from all walks of life and add a little spice or knowledge to mine.
Yesterday I had a new client come into the salon. We talked a little about where we both where from. We discovered that she new a family from the Catholic school my children had gone to. Low and behold, this was a family my x-husband and I knew very well!!! Great people!!! Goes to show you what a small world!!! There we both are, in the Upper East side of the city, and our two worlds had a common denominator!!! LUV IT!!
I feel it shows her that I am from a very nice group of people. It's a representation of who I am. I was glad we had shared this and had the friends in common. I'm sure it put her more at ease, I know it did me. She got a full head of hilites. It also made my day when in the consultation she said the lighter the better! Woo Hoo
That's soo me!! I luv taking care of my blonde girls!! I got it sooo down! Bring on the summer hilites Chickas. I'll make you the best blonde you've ever been!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Bitch


Enough said!!!


A house divided!!!

Roller set

The newspaper ran a article stating, the women of Manhattan are spending an average on their blow-dry's of $7,000 to $10,000 a year! Awesome!! The blow-dry has now replaced the rollerset.

The double D

If your not a doubled "D" don't be pawning it off that you are?? Go to Vicky's they always perfectly size you. Stop with the mathematical equations at trying to prove you are as well!! It is what it is, if not go to D.R.and get plastic surgery done.


"A dream will open the door, but you must walk through it" ----unknown

Coffee shop

Aaahhh, back in The city, my happy place.
Sitting at my favorite diner. The staff is awesome, the food is good and the entertainment that I always require is perfect. As long as I work in the upper east side I will continue to come to my wonderful little diner. All us locals come here. Everyday the same crowd trickles in and we all say hello or have lite conversations. Right now some little boy behind me is eating a big pile of pancakes and it smells sooo good!! I sooo wish I could eat pancakes without gaining weight or getting an upset stomach!!! God the smell is killing me!!! Sooo yummy!! My breakfast was lite. Heading to salon soon what will the day bring. My wild girl is on today! She's the Fran Drescher girl from the Bronx, she is a true New Yorker, soo much fun! Weather is gonna be fab, calling for a high of 70. It's gonna be a great day in New York.... More later

Friday, April 26, 2013


When love is not real, there is nothing to turn off and easy to walk away from

America's senior citizens

I'm at the salon and just noticed, our senior girls all look the same. They all drive the same cars, wear the same clothes. Their cars are either Oldsmobiles or Lexus SUV's, every now and then you will see them in a new Cadillac. The women's clothing is mostly matronly yuppy. The classic Oxford button down stripped shirt, black pants, and some sort of ugly flat. Their hair is all the same. That cut that I'm sure all their husbands feel like their sleeping with a guy. Shaved gone in the nape longer up top, ears cut out so their poor glasses don't get caught in the hair! Damn, I hate when that happens!!! Clones, god is this what I have to look forward to?? Just kill me! I thought we weren't our gramma's generation???


Just asked another stylist bout a friend we know. I said " Do you think she will ever get her karma?" She responded by saying, "oh she already is, she wakes up everyday a miserable person, that's her karma. You and I wake up everyday happy as shit." See!!! You never know how karma visits you!!! Tehe


Yes we doooo, in today's society with soo many options it's just down right hard to have a relationship!! Lets talk bout how stupid I was in my last relationship.
I'm telling my story because if I can help at least one person figure it out well then all is good, but I was soooo blind and dumb in my last relationship!! But what's that old saying, " luv is blind" and in my case I was as blind as Andrea Bocceli and as dumb as any blonde gets accused of!!
Like I said the story starts with my divorce. I got involved with someone that wanted to be with someone else soon after meeting her. He did break up with me numerous times, why because she was hiding in the shadows and pulling at his dick causing him confusion and most men are governed by their head between their legs. But if he had really luved me and "the connection" was with me she could have never stolled him away. So that's what I want to teach. I should have left this moron the night he blew me off from our dinner date to be with her. That was the night I would live the rest of the relationship with secrets and lies. Basically I was used because he is one of those guys that can never be alone. Always traveling from relationship to relationship. Always needing a mommy or a purse. Not thinking about who's getting hurt here and it certainly wasn't him. The minute she was available I was gone. They are still together today. I wonder how they live with each other, knowing they cheated on their significant others to be together. I would live in constant fear if you could do it to someone else you could do it to me. What if she finds something better than him??? Oohhh, he must live in a horrible world. Doing everything to keep his conquest, must be consuming his whole world!! He really did me a favor. They soo deserve each other.
I was never before a victim of cheating or narcissism. I will never be a victim again!! I will always walk and rather be alone than to be mistreated!!! I would hope we all keep the blinders off and do the same. Such a fine example for his own children. He even degraded my parenting!!! REALLY, REALLY!!! To leave me for a women that NEVER had children??!! Can't relate to even what it's like??!! People are too much!! I'm sooo glad this man lives IN such a perfect world and all he does is perfect. One day karma will come to the door. Ah, what he doesn't see is, it already has if he takes a look back at his life!!! I am no ones fool, and FOOL WILL NEVER BE MY NAME AGAIN!!!!


Hair extensions

Buying hair extensions in the city is a very interesting task. Sometimes you feel like your doing something illegal?? Which I know I'm not making sense, but that's what it's like. You go into these shit hole places and haggle your way or negotiate your ass off to get what you want. Brazilian hair is usually the choice but this time it's for me. I hope I don't look like Kate Gosselin after I do this!!!

Martin Luther King JR.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of COMFORT and convience,
but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy."

Always on my mind

I have to say my career is the utmost, next to my children, important thing in my life. The company that I work for I have to say is one hell of a great enterprise in the city! These guys own nine salons!!
I can't wait for the day to hear their hole story. How they started their trials and tribulations and their failures as they continue to run their business. I wish when I first came to New York I would've come straight to their dynasty. Instead I worked for the ungrateful Russians who are going nowhere quick!!
  Let.s say this, the trouble with an educated man is his education goes to his head and not to his heart. The path you travel should encompass your heart not your head. My hairdressing world consumes my heart not my head. It's what makes me happy. When I'm standing behind that chair making someone beautiful and entertaining them, WOW!!! Then when we chair talk, get all the stylists and clients laughing it's the best!!! Who doesn't want to come to a salon where your warmly greeted,
people are smiling and laughing, you are LOVED??!!!

Lets talk about failure

Yes, lets talk about ALL my failures, and there are many! I'm such an EFFN failure at life I should have a book called fifty ways to EFF up!!! The only thing is, I wear my failures with much PRIDE and tend to laugh my ass off at them! By the way I have a cute little ass....tehe We all make mistakes,
it's just how we handle them. I always seem to pick myself up and move on, usually feeling just awefull and beating myself up for months and months. Because you know I am a capricorn and we like to wallow in grief. Always remember some defeats are a step to victory.
     Think of it like this, anybody who is currently achieving anything is also risking failure.Look at me, I walked away from my hoo hum surburbia life to try a new dream in New York City. I'm  not quarenteed anything! No one owes me a thing. But I live on the edge of failure on a daily basis, but is it deterring me??? NOOO I'm not afraid, well really I am but that's just who I am. They always say failure is the necessary evil toward success. If we are never going to risk failure, we are never going to get a chance to succeeed. The greatest mistake in your life that you can do is to always fear you will fail.
   I can't STAND these cold percise perfect people, who in order not to speak wrong, never speak at all, and in order not to do anything wrong, NEVER do anything!!! What a bunch of jerk off's!!
    Successful people stop growing and learning when they become less and less willing to risk failure
failure is a delay, not your defeat!! Sooo get the hell out there and fail!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Client from HELL

Had a client in salon today, she thought she was going to boss me around!! Ah, who has the license girl??!! She wanted me to use her brush, Noo I like my equipment, then Nooo matter how I blew dried the hair she bitched and complained. Finally I said Das it!! You need another stylist!!! So she fussed with the next stylist who got royally pissed off. Took client to sink hosed her down and said ok now leave!!! OMG!!! Everyone was stunned, so was the client. Not even a towel was given to her. She left never to return. May the force be with you luv. Hehe

Client Drama!!!

My seventy something client announces to me today she's getting married!! Huh??!!
And she's marrying her boyfriend that she dated fifty-three years ago!!! It was a summer romance in Philly at a YMCA camp and his wife died and he said he always loved her and thought about her!!!
Aaahhh luv!!!

The slut

My girlfriend is such a slut!! Could you put it out there anymore!!! And she is interested in the young ones!! Eeewwwhh
REALLY!! The younger the better. It's a revolving door right now, they come and go quicker than the buses at Port Authority!!
It's DEFINITLY a mid-life crisis thing. Her last hurrah before she meets her fourth husband! Yes, I did say that!! She's had three marriages all just last ten years. Must be the ten year itch. "Oh we've been together too long time to move on"
I can't keep their names straight. She's all good with it. Makes her happy to be wild right now! Mmmhhh does life have to be such a soap opera..

Going home

I'm heading back to PA. I'm really sad about it. I don't want to leave my wonderful city. It's a GORGEOUS day in New York and I wish I could stay to have sometime here for myself. An outdoor cafe with my laptop, or to sit at Bryant Park would've made for a fabulous afternoon relaxing. Ugh, but Nooo I must go back to the place that holds soooo many bad memories. I want to stay in my "happy" place.