Sunday, April 28, 2013


I've come to realize a healthy relationship can only incur when the both of you step up to the plate with full acceptance on who you both are.
The baggage we all have from our divorces can be unbearable. But through luv, understanding, patience is the only way it's going to survive.
Some take no time to heal from the last relationship. That's because their heart was already out of the relationship before calling it quits with you. This is what happened in my marriage. The stress and emotional trauma caused me to switch off and go numb long before I walked away.
That's how people are able to move on sooo quickly to someone else. They were either cheating on you with their new conquest or that's where their heart was already.
Best thing to do is take time, step away from the dating seen until you heal. Take this time to figure out who you are, what you really want, and how you want the next chapter of your life to go.
LET GO OF THE BAD ENERGY PEOPLE!!! I have a hard time doing this as well. But you must!! Why are we all chasing after someone who's not chasing after us??!!!!! Bad energy will suck you dry!!!
A good man will understand you don't all of a sudden are blinded to the attractiveness of others just because your in a committed relationship. And NEITHER IS HE!! HE TRUST YOU!!! NOW THERE'S A CONCEPT!!!???? Someone who is always accusing you has the guilty mind himself!! Don't let him fool you with that!!
That's what I was sooo blinded to. ALWAYS getting accused??!! And in the end it was him who was secretly hiding her from me.
A good man will also understand that a healthy relationship, couples aren't attached at the hip. But live there own lives & experiences.
Now for those arguments. Because Noo couple goes through life without disagreements. In your most volatile arguments, both of you have to realize you need to have a voice of reason.
A GREAT guy sticks around when you are Completely irrational or down right bitchy.
The biggest thing he will brag you up to EVERYONE!! His friends, family, hairdresser, even the damn guy at his favorite coffee stop!! Why?? Because he thinks you are just down right fab, funny talented, gorgeous, amazing!! If he's not doing this, your not the one!! Wake up!! If he's still crying over his xwife and his divorce, where exactly do you fit in??? Mmmhhh ??? Everyone will see through that. Little does he know. Or his stupidly is just that, stupid is what stupid does!!
If this isn't what you have walk away, please, you deserve all of this and more!!
Now, I'm in one of the most loved cities in the world!! It's a romantic city. But I'm alone, experiencing life on my own but growing in sooo many different ways. I will NEVER tolerate any stupidity anymore!!! I need to be more selective on who I put in my I life. The destruction of these characters on me had been beyond EVIL!!
---Chief Joseph

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