Sunday, April 28, 2013

New York City Grunge look

Your average New Yorker is soo easy to spot. They will look like hell!! That after sex, just jumped out of bed look.
The younger girls all wearing the stupid sock bun, with some sort of leggings on and their Chuck Taylor's. On the upper east side, they all have their gym attire on because their pretending to have gone to Soul Cycle or yoga.
The guys all wear a North Face jacket carrying a backpack. The true men of New York are complete Sheldon's and Leonard's. oh god just stab me in the eye!! Their glasses bigger than their EFFN face!!
I must say everyone is always reading or studying something which I like, because like Auntie Mame always said "knowledge is power." Mmmmhhh but to what extent??? I know of a girl who thinks her knowledge is her power, but in all reality, she doesn't know EFFN shit!!! Complete social misfit as well!!! She should live in Paris with all the haters!! The French are known to dislike anyone but themselves!! As the Italians say, "Funguli"
Kiss my ass, spin it around and kiss it again!!! Ciao

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