Thursday, November 21, 2013


It's a connection
Yes, believe it or not, it's like a great first date, blind date to be exact
Great first date's, great first impression's
Spark lasting relationships

it's like having that blind date
You have never met this person before
He show's up in his pick up truck that he uses for his job
OH My! you might exclaim to yourself
The first impression has started already
You think to yourself, maybe I should drive
You decide it might be fun to go into the work truck, "Oh what the hell"
He takes you to some hillbilly restaurant
But listen, if this is your speed this all ok!

Or, he pick's you up in his 3 series BMW
wines & dines you at a 5 star establishment

What it comes down to is the connection!
Maybe Mr. pickup truck tousles your hair wwaayy better
than Mr. BMW
Maybe pretty boy Mr. BMW has all the bells and whistle but stinks at doing your hair

Ok, seriously here some tips on a great consultation with a new stylist

The stylist should ask you these questions:
What do you like or dislike about your hair?
When was your last haircut or color?
What was your favorite style you have ever worn?(please don't tell me that 1965 look)
What do you do to your hair on a daily bases?
What products do you use?
Do you wash and blow dry ever day?

Last but not least, your stylist needs to LISTEN to what you say!!
the biggest  reason a client leaves a salon and they are not happy with their hair
is because lack of communication between the stylist and the client
If  you and the stylist are NOT connecting....
excuse yourself politely and leave
Its ok, really it is
In my career I didn't connect with everyone that has sat in my chair!
And I consider myself the "Julie McCoy" of the salon industry

The stylist needs to hear you
understand your vision
you both need to be on the same page
if not leave

In return you also need to listen to professional advice
We have the education
just because your Aunt went to beauty school for a month
doesn't qualify her as professional
We have studied this
and now a days we have studied this down to it's core

If the doctor says "Here is a prescription use this"
you don't second guess him
You take it, fill it, and use it
Same thing
with your stylist
We are the Artist, the doctors of hair, so take our advice

Did you know, in Europe a dentist is not considered a doctor???
NOOO, their considered technician

Last but not least, whenever you walk into someone's business
you should be warmly greeted and loved
Never do you want to walk into anyone's business and be greeted
by condescending bitch, snot-nose attitude

This about a connection
a warm friendly, kind, caring connection
sometimes this is the stylist for the rest of your life

Monday, November 18, 2013


I had a date the other night
We meet at a charming place in the Upper West Side
Strike 1, during dinner he told me he graduated from Michigan state
"Oh my, I said to myself"
I went to Penn state
Strike 2, after dinner he pulls
 a hair from my head and uses it to floss with
completely mortified at this point, I excuse myself to refresh my lipstick
sneak away like a cheating spouse, hail a cab and disappear into the caverns of Manhattan
God i miss my old life and all the securities that went with it.


Let's talk business that is
I'm going to tell you the truth
the whole truth
right now salon business has plummeted

Clients are going longer between their services
The long hair generation of chickas
don't get their hair done

The girls with long hair might get a haircut once a year!!

These chicks come into the salon in dire need of deep conditioning
forgetta bout it!
it's usually beyond deep conditioning
it needs about 6 inches off
just strands of hanging dead hair

But NOOO they don't want to hear that
"I'll take just the dead ends off"
which in their delusional minds is just a quarter of an inch

OOHH please, drives me crazy
especially since I have a different style ever week

Anyway, it's killing us all
Can you imagine, I work in the fashion capitol of the world
and the hair business is suffering!

Salon's are all dying for your business
blow dry specials over on 10th and Broadway at some salon $29!
Even your celebrity owned salon's have affordable pricing

What's to happen to my industry?
Is there too many of us anymore?

My Joie de vivre for my passion
is causing much heartbreak around the city
sentiment is low, the industry has exhausted many of our pocket books
causing haistylist throughtout New York and the 5 boroughs
to rethink our proffession

Heartbreak and sadness consumes us
we can't pay for our $3,000 a month apartments on this income
And some of my friends are living with multiple roommates

Back in my hometown, in Pennsylvania
the same fate is looming overhead
as I drive by salon's, parking lot's empty
Lights are out early, I say to myself, "Wow,that salon is closed!"

Some salon's have the "Empty chair syndrome"
That's sooo not good

Michael Cole Is sooo not seeing reality of what's really going on
Still publishing his mantras on successful hairdresser's
Please dude, come, come work in New York
Let me see you try doing hair in this BUS STOP CITY

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013


Are you dating someone just for arm candy?
does that make your low-self esteem feel better?
I have some guy clients that have arm candy for wives or girlfriends
but, their not happy....
the guy is usually treated like a dog because the "Arm candy" knows she can't
be with a REALLY good looking guy or she would lack the "control"
So these prom queens usually pick u dogs for husbands or boyfriends...
Really, why would a successful beauty queen be with you??!!!
Your not that good looking!
She can't get anything else that's why she's with you..... Lol
No one else wants her!!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Last but not least, just be you.....
Remember, Cinderella only changed her address
Her prince loved her for whom she was
not her beauty, status, money.....
Prince charming loved her!

It's ok to be beautiful, popular, confident
but all those become null and void if your just not a nice person
Be nice to everyone, well mostly everyone
Ya, there's going to be those that don't deserve any piece of you

But smile, be happy
Be that person every one wants to meet

Having a happy personality will help more so than good looks, pretty hair, or whatever

Don't be a bitch and think your all that
such a turn off
This isn't the 80"s
Your not all that and a bag of chips
Remember, there's's always someone,
than you, no one want's to meet Cruella Di Vil!!


Have you been one of those that's thought about plastic surgery?
Well, research your options first
Listen to what I found out about getting your nose done

If you have an unsightly nose, buy a noseright, there cheap
plus an alternative to rhinoplasty.
Usually takes you up to 2 months to get the results you want
and makes quite a difference


Taking care of your skin:
A good skin regime in my opinion is,
exfoliate twice a week
deep cleanse using a mask
skin tightening once a week
use sunblock
No tanning
No smoking
No alcohol
the last 3 will age you


The tanning bed addicted person.....
I use to be you, then I moved to New York were everyone is as pale as a baby's a....
Yes, It's just not in and truthfully we are all sooo busy working who the hell has time to 
sneak away to a tanning salon, hell we hardly have time to sneak away for lunch....
I know when I use to try to disappear, I  no sooner would be gone and BAM!
the salon manager would be a calling, "Get back here", ugh

Listen, I'm sorry to say, those of you whom have spent hours in a tanning bed
will eventually start to see it's wrath as you age
no getting around it, well yes there is it's called plastic surgery or Botox

If this is out of your budget, or your honey won't approve of such vain nonsense
your days of  looking like a prune is sooo to alter your ego-eccentric state of mind

those of us who did not bask in the warm glow of the tanning era
will be sporting a youthful, smooth, silky skin glow way into our 70's

I guess this why I'm told, "You look sooo young"
well, I am young


good morning everyone, another great day here in the Northeast
let's get down to business, I'm in the beauty business,
hair, makeup, fashion
If I don't give you the low-down on what's going on in these sectors of  the 
world, some of you will just never know. 

Ok, here we go......

don't get cheap haircuts, instead start visiting a fancy salon
because hair is a Fundamental for attractiveness

Avoid getting haircuts that hide your face
it's just not attractive
makes you look like your trying to hide something ugly

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Good morning everyone, I'm going to bless you with some beauty tips
If you have big ears, don't be wearing a haircut that exposes such an awful feature
please, please buy the right foundation shade and blend well, theres nothing worse than 
that foundation line
Girls, those of you that have big feet, I'm still trying to figure this one out for you....
nooo women should have the same shoe size as her man, how ghastly
and make sure you are with the right nail tech
nothing more unsightly than toe nails for finger tips
and some Asians will do this to you
as you walk out the nail salon they probably die laughing and say, " those stupid Americans"
ok, words for the day, CIAO
more beauty tips tommorrow

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I awoke from a sound sleep with the EPIPHANY that I had
Dodged a bullet.....
Go back to THAT!!!!
The way I was treated was horrible
I will forever be grateful
That I had Dodged a bullet
You did me a favor
your a pussy
can't think for yourself
and will always be co-dependent
I will never envy any woman that is with you
rather feel quite sorry for her
she obviously can't do any better than you


I had a friend who has been a stylist for 51 years say to me
"I'm not the best boss, but I can't work for anyone else"
I so get that, I get him, I get his words
It's that thing, that goes on in our hairdresser's head
its the demons that all of us who are creative have
It's especially hard to work for salon owner's that aren't hairstylist's
they definitely don't get it and should keep their 2 cents out of our business
if you never stood behind that chair, keep your hands out of it

the analogy would be like me trying to work on Wall Street
there would be a crash the minute I entered the joint

Some hairdresser's don't even get it
stagnate in their comfort zones
not interested in new thing's
it's ok, you stay stagnate in your own little part of the planet
the rest of us will discover the world that's spinning out there
and believe me, it's a spinning

Monday, November 11, 2013







Sometimes keeping it quiet is the best
People that don't share your same vision
Or just not smart enough to even have the vision will never get it
Let it go
They don't need to get it
Or get you
Let them travel down a different road than you
They won't get you because they don't want to
Let them stay in their "comfort zones"
And you keep doing your thing
It will all work out
The person you are meant to be
Doesn't have to fit into their world
Only your shoe fits your foot
And your size 6 isn't going to fit into a big
Girls foot of an 8, 9 or 10



Sometimes this really happens
A person's mask comes off 
And The REAL personality is exposed
Can bring much heartache 
In romantic relationships
And in business relationships
This has been happening to me far
Too much in my life the last 4 years
Where are all the TRUELY good hearted 
People I use to meet......
I thought as I got older life should
Be easier?



Saturday, November 9, 2013


Let's just face it.....
It's a HUGE transition for me to work in 2 very different worlds
Doing hair in suburbia America is soooo much easier
than doing hair in New York city

I wish I could get this across to all you hairdresser's whom ever dream of doing hair in New York
there's nooo compatibility
not only do we have to worry about pleasing the clients
but we have to please the co-workers who sooo want your head in a guillitine 
then you gotta please your owner or manager who is critiquing your every cut, color, blow dry

Now let's talk retail
we are under pressure to sell
Yes, SELL.....
you have a quota to meet every month
and if you ain't meeting this, sure enough your head is now on chopping block
Sell  MF!
or your out the door!

No employer really needs you
the talent is large, and there's always someone better than you
you are replaceable in a city with 8 million people

Back in my hometown, they can't get enough hairstylist to fill salon chairs???
That's really not the poor little salon's fault, that's the managements or owners fault
I can think of 3 salon's in my hometown stations are doubled up on and stylist's working
opposite day's to have a space at these salon's
Now question is.....

This is how we work in New York
on day's we are not using that station, someone else is!!!
An EMPTY chair means nooo $$$$$$$ coming in
unfortunate for some salon owner's they have this....
The empty chair syndrome

It's all business here in NYC
Business is Business
The salon owners just don't care about you

Everyday you go to work you don't know if your going to get fired
Check YELP on a daily basis to see if you got any bad reviews
if you did for sure your ass is in a meeting with management
and guess what????
it's always your fault! 
Even though they know that the clients can be difficult
It's always your fault

It's like a factory

Climbing up the ladder in New York city
requires putting  out
YES! you heard me....
Your sleeping with the right people

It's biggest in the modeling society of NYC
put out or don't get that photo shoot
Believe me, I'm the hairstylist to a few NYC models
aspiring to get somewhere

Sex still ruling the social climb
to stardom
it's been done for ages

Just remember, there's sooo much competition
your never going to be the best
You need to just say, I'm going to give my all,
you gotta sell your heart and soul to the devil you are employed by
and cover your ass





I have a guy client who is going through a break up, they were together for 3 years.
His girl decided to call him on a Saturday night and for go to tell him after 3 years she was no 
longer sexually attracted to him........

Who say's this kind of rude shit to someone???!!!!
What a MF dumb ass 
WOW chicka, let's shove the knife in and turn it really hard......Bitch

She could have sugar coated it and just said " look I don't want to be in a romantic relationship 
anymore and I want you to know that I'm not seeing anyone else" Which is usually BS

Ya know, there's no great way to break up with anyone, especially if one partner doesn't 
want it

After this kind of phone call, it would only be normal to expect the person on the 
receiving end or getting the short end of the stick  to possibly slam the phone down on you!

You've invested time, sometimes too much time in this person
get angry, wasting time on someone that you now find out wasn't investing the same emotional value sends you seeing fireworks
How dare you, you think to yourself, I thought we were on the same page
I thought we were both old enough to appreciate what value this was
we aren't teenagers!
We are mature enough to know when you have a good thing

Who's accountable for this?!

You can't help when someone's heart goes cold

There's only 2 ways to end this
and there's no in between when dealing with a subjective moment

This sort of "break up" dialogue is so cold for the person receiving it
WTF, there shouldn't be

In a blink of an eye, this person you invested soo much into is now gone

If it was mutual the stupid phrase " let's be friends" might be obtainable
If not, this phrase becomes null and void
communication breaks at this point
Let's just end it and go separate ways

It's a strange thing to invest sooo much into someone and then it's gone 
In a blink of an eye

Friday, November 8, 2013


When standing behind my chair
many of you confide in me about life
the biggest stories I hear is about love
Ok, here we go.....
my mantra on this subject

Dr. Phil says, "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior"

If you choose the behavior, you choose the consequence

Those with nothing to hide, hide nothing

And, if he/she is willing to do it with YOU
They are willing to do it to YOU

Have you had an epiphany yet???

You are sacred

When one is in an monogamous relationship, there are only 3 things one has a right to do in private:

Emotionally or physically
it's cheating
don't let them talk around this!
Oh no, we are only corresponding because of business

I've been were your at....
And it's the most disrespectful thing someone who claimed to love you can do


The only one thing worse than being in a bad relationship for so many years
is being in a bad relationship for so many years and a 1 day!

Once a cheat
Always a cheat

Are you a " Safety Net Whistle" till he makes up his mind whom he wants to be with?
I was!!

Your not a doormat

No one deserves to be on the receiving end of the abuse
and that's what it is Emotional Abuse!

He will blame YOU for everything
You will never do anything right
And soon it will become his routine to degrade you, judge your every word, every move
You cook wrong, You dress wrong, etc...
She will do everything right
Didn't think soooo
Does he do everything perfect??/
Didn't think so

Some people think a new relationship equals to long term excitement
well guess what that eventually fades too

Is he weighing his options?
advantages/disadvantages of you and his next conquest?
Who's the better girl to be with?
No way!
Dump him!
Your not an option
Your not a safety net

I don't mean to sound harsh
but no women should be subjected to what your  partner is doing

Is he setting up Taudry  Liasons with her

Dr. Phil refers to this as checking out emotionally
this is what he is doing
checking out of your relationship

yes, he never beat you
But emotional and mental abuse can be a far worse heartbreak

You are sacred

There are other ways to beat a persons heart and soul down
Someone "Mind Fucking" you is emotional abuse

He thinks the grass is greener on the other side
He doesn't love you
If  he did, know one would be able to come between the 2 of you
He wouldn't be able to bare the thought of being without you
for the rest of  his life

He doesn't deserve an ounce of you or your trust any longer

He needs to go
You will never trust this man again
You will always be checking his emails, phone, and whereabouts

Let her have him!
You, on the other hand are free to find Mr. Wonderful

And just remember......
This S.O.B.
Is just a flat tire on your road to SUCCESS


Some like just Vanilla
life is good when one chooses just vanilla
life is easy with just vanilla

I'm not interested in "just vanilla"
I thrive on Dramatic change
I don't want to wash the car every Sunday at twelve
I don't want to do the laundry every Saturday morning
I just don't want to

I want to wonder through the great galleries of the Met
I want to wonder the caverns of lower Manhattan
I want to sit in Battery Park on a bench and dream the day away
I want to sit at a cafe enjoying coffee with my friends
I want to curl up by a warm fire with a great book
I want to stand behind my chair and do some hair

I want to BREAK your status quo

Because, in the end, you won't remember the time
you spent in the office
or mowing your lawn


Thursday, November 7, 2013


The American housewife can be an interesting breed. 
Did you notice, I did not include myself
Into this Alien clone club
And that's exactly what most of them are

All shopping at the same stores... Kohls
All buying the same handbags
Michael Kors, so past 
All sporting the same hair due
The Bob, with its cropped back and diagonal front, oh hum, so over that!
Then there's those of you still wearing
It like you did in 1978
Do you people not look in mirrors?!!

I know, I know
Change is terrifying for some of you 
My god, some won't even leave the 5 mile radius around your house! 

I have been through sooo much change 
Since my divorce, I think I've had more 
Life changes than a baby wears diapers !
I never know right now if I'm coming or going and whom I left behind....

But, the American housewife is an interesting breed
Lets just say, my neighbors could wife 
Swap and the husbands would get in bed that nite and not even notice the change up....
Blonde, bob, UGLEY Jammie's 
Ok, my wife is next to me
Oh my!!!


Every salon has drama....
there's nooo getting around it
some salon's want to believe it doesn't exist
but it does, it lurks there, in the depths of the hidden perm rods none of us seem to use anymore.
sit's there under all those foils, waiting to explode as the heat rises, the bleach expands, seeping into
the worst area a stylist could ever want to go....... the bleeding roots!!!!!

The other nite they got me, the explosion of full force salon drama!
nabbed me, the pernicious had worked their magic, the magic of manipulation is a learned trait
and those who have master this trait will use it for full throttle hold.......
the explosion of peroxide and bleach is a hateful experience
but, leave it to those hairdresser"s that have mastered their skeam will leave you running for the water bottle
to stop the bleeding, oh hell, if i could've  I would have liked to douse the fire by just shoving it's head
under the hose and leaving at that.....
A dead rat

Working in New York City can be as hateful as it is rewarding, It can be as hard as listening to a
Johnny Cash tune as your car runs out of gas in the Tennessee mountains
But don't worry, that means you be a walking, to some hateful gas station and dealing with those southerns
that don't speak a word of English....
I did see a sign that said I was in America didn't I????

Salon drama.....
took a huge toll the other nite
people need to run their business as they see fit
but when the brain on the team is poisoned by the pernicious it can turn out to be a sad ending
My demise came quickly

I work in New York Effn city and like anyone else has earned my right of passage to obtain such status
Hell I know I'm from a small town, but it's not as impoverished as trailer park trash from some buckville
in Arkansas, sorry hillbillies down south, no offense meant, just trying to get the point across
that it doesn't matter where you've come from that needs to stop the path to success
Hell, if it was just the right of the wealthy Republicans, half of Hollywood would not be enjoying the splendor
of  their riches!


Salon drama only comes when you mess with the main Diva
Diva doesn't want anyone to know more than Diva brains can handle

Salon business is down everywhere, you need to pull out every marketing skill in your pocket
No matter what it is to get the business into your empty chairs
The thrill of competition, or shall I say this Diva likes the agony of defeat

Come to New York, I challenge you
You will enter Hairdresser Hell, And if you can't handle the heat we exert here we will send you
packing back to that "small town' kitchen
stirring up grits
or come to my hometown
where only the wealthy are aloud to succeed
such close mindedness
This is as bad a thinking as Obama's administration getting involved with NFL problems

Be like me, come, come and find out your  not as good as you thought you were
and when your tail is between your legs
and your heading on down that highway to your hell
remember one thing



Can you believe I'm dreaming of Christmas already?!
I LUV the Holidays

I was born in the winter
And can't wait till the ski slopes are glittering with beautiful fresh snow

Or a chance to ice skate outside  
At Bryant Park

My Christmas wish is to have all the classic reads in Hardcover.

I could sit by a warm fire at the ski slope
And enjoy a day in Elizabeth Bennets 
World or spend a day imagining what it would be like in Dracula's castle in Romania. Or what it would be like to be Jane Eyre in that awesome English castle 
With grumpy Edward who hates children

Yes, winter will be a happy arrival

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Gmorning New York I miss you
I'm in Pennsylvania 
Dealing with closed minded ninnies 
It kills me
It's not the people that I move about with in the city
The mentality is different 
They don't leave their comfort zones
They rot in them
And their very proud of their little hillbilly town
I guess that's ok if your a hillbilly
No one here gets me
They don't see what I see
These are so not my people
But I gotta find my niche here
In a few months I'm going to be partnering up with a friend and we are going to be investing in a B&B 
But I don't need to really work with the 
Locals on that 
I'll be an Innkeeper and meeting people from out of town
Don't worry I'm still going to be a hairstylist 
I just want to make some roots
And start the next half of my life working in my own business 
I hate working for other people
It's just frustrating
I have a guy friend he said the same thing 
He's doing hair 51 yrs  and he can't work for anyone else as well
Some people running salons Don't Get IT??
But that's ok
How they choose to run their business is their problem
I gotta let go
They don't have the same vision as me
And they never worked in New York City
They just don't get it
Frustration with the industry
Breath Tracy, just Breath

Monday, November 4, 2013


You don't have business anymore
I saw you were closed early one day last week....
What's wrong, your pleasing personality 
Scaring everyone away????

You have no business
The only power you have is buying power
Good credit....
Once that's diminished you are done 
You will never succeed
I think you have offended everyone
God Bless the Queen


I just want to send a heartfelt 
To those of you around the world for reading my  Blog
Those of you in the Ukraine...
I'm looking into coming to your country 
Late  spring, I want to do a tour of 
The Chernobyl area
Of coarse I will write about my adventure  
and take many pictures

To those of you in Macedonia (FYROM)
Thank you as well 

And to all of you in the Asian country's 
Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, China
Definitely a part of the world I would like to go to. I'm as curious about your countries as you are about MY New York

To all if you in the United Kingdom, I'm 
Sooo looking forward to coming to London and try your food, OH! I'm a Jane Austen fan! Pride And Prejudice is my all time favorite book.
    There's nothing more I like than a strong women like Lizzie Bennett  

   Everyone in the former Soviet Blocked countries, Belarus, Lativia, Serbia, Ukraine, may you enjoy all my stories and pictures of New York City

France, AAHH France, I was in your country last year for Fashion week.
Beautiful xoxoxo 

Netherlands, Germany, Russia and Greece thank you all

And of coarse good old Americana
Thanx to ya'll for reading

New York City is a wonderful place to live and work. On any given day you can go from Heaven to Hell
   All in all, it's just a fabulous place to live and work.


It's one thing to climb the ladder to success
But to take out EVERY spindle on your 
Way to the top is just insane!!
Remember, I did forewarn you....
It's just apart of history
It will be great pleasure to one day see 
Your Great Empire fall
And it will, like they all do
Just remember.....
When this day of Battle has ended 
We will either meet in heaven 
Or the fields of Victory------Q.Elizabeth
May the games begin
God Bless


On a daily basis I am tormented by my thoughts
At any given time day or nite
The stories come to me
Sometimes it's just one word
That one word
Can create a whole story
Sometimes lasting for hours
As I hastily try to get all my thoughts down
So their not lost, forgotten
Tonite it was inspired while I was on Facebook 
An article I read inspired me
I really need to let the world know what really happened to me
There's a huge Universe force pushing me
For this ultimate final destination
I can no longer sit on this
I have so much ammo to create this story
It needs exposure
I think it will be my final freedom
Plus it might save others caught in the same realm