Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I had a friend who has been a stylist for 51 years say to me
"I'm not the best boss, but I can't work for anyone else"
I so get that, I get him, I get his words
It's that thing, that goes on in our hairdresser's head
its the demons that all of us who are creative have
It's especially hard to work for salon owner's that aren't hairstylist's
they definitely don't get it and should keep their 2 cents out of our business
if you never stood behind that chair, keep your hands out of it

the analogy would be like me trying to work on Wall Street
there would be a crash the minute I entered the joint

Some hairdresser's don't even get it
stagnate in their comfort zones
not interested in new thing's
it's ok, you stay stagnate in your own little part of the planet
the rest of us will discover the world that's spinning out there
and believe me, it's a spinning

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