Thursday, February 26, 2015


Have you ever dreamed of being a hairstylist in New York?
Well then your like many who dream this dream
I will tell you, this job is not for the faint hearted

Most of the famous styling houses start you off as an assistant 
For about two years you will be shampooing, mixing color, blow drying for a stylist with a large clientele
This will be a learning process
For all of you straight out of beauty school or new to our industry

A seasoned stylist will never take this job
Hell, they won't even hire you if you have too many years under your belt

The seasoned stylist will very rarely jump from salon to salon as I have over the years
But I did it so I could write about life as a stylist all over Manhattan 
It was more like a study for me
To see what was REALLY going on in New York City on the hair scene
Not everything I saw or was exposed to was pleasant

Some salons in the running for reality TV!
Some salon owners or managers not having a clue what the Hell their doing

To work at Vidal Sassoon, Frederic Fakki, DramaticsNYC, Bumble & Bumble and a few others I'm sure to be forgetting you start off at the shampoo bowl

All of them will provide you advanced education
Which is A l w a y s a plus
When you stop learning in our business you need to just leave the industry 

I'm a real hairdresser 
I've stood behind the chair for the last 
30 years
At this point I'm more interested in the psychology behind what we do
And the wants and needs of this new client we are servicing

The client of today is well educated
And they are knowledgable 
We need to be always an educated step above them  


No matter how far down the wrong road you have traveled
You can always turn back


No one is coming to save you
Take care of yourself 

A relationship is not a job opportunity

Maybe 30-40 years ago it was
Most women went to college to get an education and if you all tell the truth
Find a well educated, successful husband

Now a days that's no longer the norm

I think I just recently read...
There's more women than men with college degrees now a days 
Women are no longer marrying for financial security
We provide for ourselves

Some of us rather be divorced and destitute than be with someone who's not going to have intelligence, integrity, and have good energy

With soo many Prince Harmings out there and having to filter through all of them
Life after divorce and on the dating scene can be quite challenging 

I myself need to be with someone who's quite capable of holding an intelligent conversation and having some substance

Don't settle for less
When you know you are worth sooo much more


Send someone a warm happy message today 
Peace in the Heart makes for a Happy world

Sunday, February 8, 2015


The latest salon gossip is Kim Kardashian's new look
Which we stylist must explain to the guests that it most likely isn't a new look
But hair-extensions removed and we are now being exposed to the look of her "Real" hair

She's pretty no matter how she wears her hair

Women are now sworming to the salon for Kim's look

The long Bob is beautiful 


I turned 50 a few weeks ago
Met with much distain
50 entered my life with me kicking and screaming like a small child having a major temper tantrum
How the Hell did this happen to me?!


So I went in search of 50
How was I going to pull this off?!

This is what I found....

Did you know that 50% of the American population is now over 50?!

I didn't!
How could I have not realized this! 

How does that change how we do business? 
How does that change what it is that I do as a hairstylist?????

A lot
That's how 


You know your in love when the smell of scotch tape is beautiful

When the New York City  traffic doesn't faze you

When the only thing the ice falling from the skyscrapers peeress is your heart 

Senseless, mindless Love

Saturday, February 7, 2015


It's in my bucketlist to go back to college
NYU is sooo my dream college
Do you know what the Alumni list looks like?! 

Friday, February 6, 2015


Mac & Disney have collaborated 
This spring they will introduce their Cinderalla line
No Cruella Di Vil's need to buy


Rule #1 unless your served in a frosted glass never come within 4ft of my lips


Are you dreaming of owning your own salon? 
Truthfully, it's best if you have a large clientele, good business sense and can make that huge commitment. 

I use to own a salon
I owned a salon for many years
But before that I was always a successful hairstylist
Successful defining itself with how large a client base you have

Are you asking yourself should I invest in my own business

Here are some factors to consider for opening your own salon

#1 Location
Most people pick any business they use out of convience. Think about it, your dry cleaner, the pizza shop, the grocery store. So why would it  be any different with their salon. 
Most people pick a business within 3-5 miles of their home. Let's examine this.... On your way to work you pick that coffee spot to quickly stop at. On the way home the grocery store to quickly grab a few things. Why would someone picking a salon be any different? 

Huge factor. Most women will pick that "In" salon that all her friends frequent or the people in her social circle go to. 
Men.... Most of the time are looking for a low cost, quick stop to get in and out. 
Both sexes are looking for quality at a decent price. 

This could make or break you. Your only as strong as the people you have working for you and without them offering a pleasant, relaxing good environment with quality service your sure to be doomed. It creates customer satisfaction. Will that customer come back? I know why I don't go back to some businesses.... Do you? 

#Marketing Strategies
I know from experience the best advertisement is word of mouth. You can spend thousands of dollars on advertisement trying to convince your community your the "Movers and Shakers" of your community only to find out the community has immense distain for you. When someone walks into your business they need to be welcomed warmly. Condescending beotch we all know doesn't sell well and will never win client satisfaction. I don't care how beautiful, handsome, well dressed or how wealthy you "think" you are. Sometimes some of us in the salon industry our "egos" can get in our own way. Some of you are sooo full of your own virtue you can't see past the cash register or yourself in your own mirror. 

Best advice....
Create an atmosphere that's inviting. Make people want to come back. When that guest leaves make them say to themselves, "I like it their, it's a fun, relaxing, comfortable environment . Plus my hair looks great! " 


I'm divorced five years
In the last five years I have gone in 
Search of myself 
After a horrible rebound relationship
I took a step back and new there needed to be a change up 


I had to say, "I love you, but I love me more" 

I asked myself, 
How do I get my life back and where do I want to go from here 

Watching most of the divorcees in my life or circle running around like chickens with their heads cut off 
Desperately dying to get back into another relationship....
I became disgusted and disillusioned 
to do the same 

My whole theme after my divorce was

"I always imagined my life to be so much more"

And I went in search of that

Disillusioned with ever part of my life
Including the salon scene
I went in search of finding my part of the world that made me happy
Made me jump out of bed in the morning
Rush off to
You know what I'm talking bout

If your a divorcee
Cool your wheels 
You just got out of a marriage
Take time for the kids 
Don't date people they don't like 
They were given to you forever
THEY come first 
How would you like to come to mom or dad's house and have to deal with a boyfriend/girlfriend in "Your" home that you can't stand 
My kids have  hated it! 

My boys actually are happy that I haven't dated in a long time 
I also think I'm setting a good example for them
I'm showing them that working my bucketlist and trying to make a decent living is more important to me then serial dating 
I'm showing my kids that I'm not co-dependent and can find happiness in life through other things other than in one person. My life isn't defined by who I am by being in a relationship. 
I'm not looking to a man for financial security
It's dating and a relationship
Not a "Job opportunity" 

I'm proud to say being divorced has been heaven & Hell all rolled into one
But the life experiences I have encountered after my divorce has shown me who I am, how strong of a women I am
It's also shown me the real character of those whom I've had to deal with

Make your divorce journey a postive one, set an example for your kids, they are apart of the show and their watching 

Go work on fixing you before you get back into another serious relationship
I know what I needed to fix and I've worked on that 

Don't make your kids come home another day or night to "Their" home with that man or women you are dating that they don't like!
It needs to work for everybody
Not just YOU! 

Friday, January 30, 2015


This is my new Nike outfit
This is a Russian model. The Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world
usually they are Blonde, blue eyed gals. They were shooting on the 
Subway & left me grab this picture


Eating in New York City is a culinary dream