Friday, February 6, 2015


I'm divorced five years
In the last five years I have gone in 
Search of myself 
After a horrible rebound relationship
I took a step back and new there needed to be a change up 


I had to say, "I love you, but I love me more" 

I asked myself, 
How do I get my life back and where do I want to go from here 

Watching most of the divorcees in my life or circle running around like chickens with their heads cut off 
Desperately dying to get back into another relationship....
I became disgusted and disillusioned 
to do the same 

My whole theme after my divorce was

"I always imagined my life to be so much more"

And I went in search of that

Disillusioned with ever part of my life
Including the salon scene
I went in search of finding my part of the world that made me happy
Made me jump out of bed in the morning
Rush off to
You know what I'm talking bout

If your a divorcee
Cool your wheels 
You just got out of a marriage
Take time for the kids 
Don't date people they don't like 
They were given to you forever
THEY come first 
How would you like to come to mom or dad's house and have to deal with a boyfriend/girlfriend in "Your" home that you can't stand 
My kids have  hated it! 

My boys actually are happy that I haven't dated in a long time 
I also think I'm setting a good example for them
I'm showing them that working my bucketlist and trying to make a decent living is more important to me then serial dating 
I'm showing my kids that I'm not co-dependent and can find happiness in life through other things other than in one person. My life isn't defined by who I am by being in a relationship. 
I'm not looking to a man for financial security
It's dating and a relationship
Not a "Job opportunity" 

I'm proud to say being divorced has been heaven & Hell all rolled into one
But the life experiences I have encountered after my divorce has shown me who I am, how strong of a women I am
It's also shown me the real character of those whom I've had to deal with

Make your divorce journey a postive one, set an example for your kids, they are apart of the show and their watching 

Go work on fixing you before you get back into another serious relationship
I know what I needed to fix and I've worked on that 

Don't make your kids come home another day or night to "Their" home with that man or women you are dating that they don't like!
It needs to work for everybody
Not just YOU! 

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