Thursday, February 26, 2015


No one is coming to save you
Take care of yourself 

A relationship is not a job opportunity

Maybe 30-40 years ago it was
Most women went to college to get an education and if you all tell the truth
Find a well educated, successful husband

Now a days that's no longer the norm

I think I just recently read...
There's more women than men with college degrees now a days 
Women are no longer marrying for financial security
We provide for ourselves

Some of us rather be divorced and destitute than be with someone who's not going to have intelligence, integrity, and have good energy

With soo many Prince Harmings out there and having to filter through all of them
Life after divorce and on the dating scene can be quite challenging 

I myself need to be with someone who's quite capable of holding an intelligent conversation and having some substance

Don't settle for less
When you know you are worth sooo much more

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