Friday, February 6, 2015


Are you dreaming of owning your own salon? 
Truthfully, it's best if you have a large clientele, good business sense and can make that huge commitment. 

I use to own a salon
I owned a salon for many years
But before that I was always a successful hairstylist
Successful defining itself with how large a client base you have

Are you asking yourself should I invest in my own business

Here are some factors to consider for opening your own salon

#1 Location
Most people pick any business they use out of convience. Think about it, your dry cleaner, the pizza shop, the grocery store. So why would it  be any different with their salon. 
Most people pick a business within 3-5 miles of their home. Let's examine this.... On your way to work you pick that coffee spot to quickly stop at. On the way home the grocery store to quickly grab a few things. Why would someone picking a salon be any different? 

Huge factor. Most women will pick that "In" salon that all her friends frequent or the people in her social circle go to. 
Men.... Most of the time are looking for a low cost, quick stop to get in and out. 
Both sexes are looking for quality at a decent price. 

This could make or break you. Your only as strong as the people you have working for you and without them offering a pleasant, relaxing good environment with quality service your sure to be doomed. It creates customer satisfaction. Will that customer come back? I know why I don't go back to some businesses.... Do you? 

#Marketing Strategies
I know from experience the best advertisement is word of mouth. You can spend thousands of dollars on advertisement trying to convince your community your the "Movers and Shakers" of your community only to find out the community has immense distain for you. When someone walks into your business they need to be welcomed warmly. Condescending beotch we all know doesn't sell well and will never win client satisfaction. I don't care how beautiful, handsome, well dressed or how wealthy you "think" you are. Sometimes some of us in the salon industry our "egos" can get in our own way. Some of you are sooo full of your own virtue you can't see past the cash register or yourself in your own mirror. 

Best advice....
Create an atmosphere that's inviting. Make people want to come back. When that guest leaves make them say to themselves, "I like it their, it's a fun, relaxing, comfortable environment . Plus my hair looks great! " 

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