Thursday, February 26, 2015


Have you ever dreamed of being a hairstylist in New York?
Well then your like many who dream this dream
I will tell you, this job is not for the faint hearted

Most of the famous styling houses start you off as an assistant 
For about two years you will be shampooing, mixing color, blow drying for a stylist with a large clientele
This will be a learning process
For all of you straight out of beauty school or new to our industry

A seasoned stylist will never take this job
Hell, they won't even hire you if you have too many years under your belt

The seasoned stylist will very rarely jump from salon to salon as I have over the years
But I did it so I could write about life as a stylist all over Manhattan 
It was more like a study for me
To see what was REALLY going on in New York City on the hair scene
Not everything I saw or was exposed to was pleasant

Some salons in the running for reality TV!
Some salon owners or managers not having a clue what the Hell their doing

To work at Vidal Sassoon, Frederic Fakki, DramaticsNYC, Bumble & Bumble and a few others I'm sure to be forgetting you start off at the shampoo bowl

All of them will provide you advanced education
Which is A l w a y s a plus
When you stop learning in our business you need to just leave the industry 

I'm a real hairdresser 
I've stood behind the chair for the last 
30 years
At this point I'm more interested in the psychology behind what we do
And the wants and needs of this new client we are servicing

The client of today is well educated
And they are knowledgable 
We need to be always an educated step above them  

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