Thursday, November 14, 2013


The tanning bed addicted person.....
I use to be you, then I moved to New York were everyone is as pale as a baby's a....
Yes, It's just not in and truthfully we are all sooo busy working who the hell has time to 
sneak away to a tanning salon, hell we hardly have time to sneak away for lunch....
I know when I use to try to disappear, I  no sooner would be gone and BAM!
the salon manager would be a calling, "Get back here", ugh

Listen, I'm sorry to say, those of you whom have spent hours in a tanning bed
will eventually start to see it's wrath as you age
no getting around it, well yes there is it's called plastic surgery or Botox

If this is out of your budget, or your honey won't approve of such vain nonsense
your days of  looking like a prune is sooo to alter your ego-eccentric state of mind

those of us who did not bask in the warm glow of the tanning era
will be sporting a youthful, smooth, silky skin glow way into our 70's

I guess this why I'm told, "You look sooo young"
well, I am young

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