Thursday, November 14, 2013


Last but not least, just be you.....
Remember, Cinderella only changed her address
Her prince loved her for whom she was
not her beauty, status, money.....
Prince charming loved her!

It's ok to be beautiful, popular, confident
but all those become null and void if your just not a nice person
Be nice to everyone, well mostly everyone
Ya, there's going to be those that don't deserve any piece of you

But smile, be happy
Be that person every one wants to meet

Having a happy personality will help more so than good looks, pretty hair, or whatever

Don't be a bitch and think your all that
such a turn off
This isn't the 80"s
Your not all that and a bag of chips
Remember, there's's always someone,
than you, no one want's to meet Cruella Di Vil!!

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