Monday, November 18, 2013


Let's talk business that is
I'm going to tell you the truth
the whole truth
right now salon business has plummeted

Clients are going longer between their services
The long hair generation of chickas
don't get their hair done

The girls with long hair might get a haircut once a year!!

These chicks come into the salon in dire need of deep conditioning
forgetta bout it!
it's usually beyond deep conditioning
it needs about 6 inches off
just strands of hanging dead hair

But NOOO they don't want to hear that
"I'll take just the dead ends off"
which in their delusional minds is just a quarter of an inch

OOHH please, drives me crazy
especially since I have a different style ever week

Anyway, it's killing us all
Can you imagine, I work in the fashion capitol of the world
and the hair business is suffering!

Salon's are all dying for your business
blow dry specials over on 10th and Broadway at some salon $29!
Even your celebrity owned salon's have affordable pricing

What's to happen to my industry?
Is there too many of us anymore?

My Joie de vivre for my passion
is causing much heartbreak around the city
sentiment is low, the industry has exhausted many of our pocket books
causing haistylist throughtout New York and the 5 boroughs
to rethink our proffession

Heartbreak and sadness consumes us
we can't pay for our $3,000 a month apartments on this income
And some of my friends are living with multiple roommates

Back in my hometown, in Pennsylvania
the same fate is looming overhead
as I drive by salon's, parking lot's empty
Lights are out early, I say to myself, "Wow,that salon is closed!"

Some salon's have the "Empty chair syndrome"
That's sooo not good

Michael Cole Is sooo not seeing reality of what's really going on
Still publishing his mantras on successful hairdresser's
Please dude, come, come work in New York
Let me see you try doing hair in this BUS STOP CITY

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