Sunday, April 28, 2013


Mostly everything I post are conversation that clients are talking to me about. I in return address it and shoot it out there.
Standing behind my chair isn't a job, it's my luv. I enjoy each and everyone of you. Your personalities are all so different, your stories can make me laugh like all hell or break me to my knees in sadness. You all come from all walks of life and add a little spice or knowledge to mine.
Yesterday I had a new client come into the salon. We talked a little about where we both where from. We discovered that she new a family from the Catholic school my children had gone to. Low and behold, this was a family my x-husband and I knew very well!!! Great people!!! Goes to show you what a small world!!! There we both are, in the Upper East side of the city, and our two worlds had a common denominator!!! LUV IT!!
I feel it shows her that I am from a very nice group of people. It's a representation of who I am. I was glad we had shared this and had the friends in common. I'm sure it put her more at ease, I know it did me. She got a full head of hilites. It also made my day when in the consultation she said the lighter the better! Woo Hoo
That's soo me!! I luv taking care of my blonde girls!! I got it sooo down! Bring on the summer hilites Chickas. I'll make you the best blonde you've ever been!!!

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