Monday, April 29, 2013

NYC Diner

I luv my diners, so here I sit after work at a NYC diner, blogging. How retarded is that??? Now remember, sometimes I'm a foreigner here in my own country. The City is sooo international, little white Anglo Saxon me is the outcast!! Right now as I sit here in my cozy diner of mid-town there's two girls sitting nearby speaking French. To my right I here Spanish. The French girls are blondes. They look tired like I do. Our hair all a mess, makeup worn off. I'm tired from aaaahhh what exactly! Not quit sure?? Socializing all day??!!! The French girls are probably tired from roaming the city, endless hours of shopping, trying to figure out our lovely town. I see them with a city map. Are they planning their day tomorrow?? Most likely. So am I, I have to be at the Wella headquarters for an all day color class. It's right by Rockafeller center. Maybe on lunch I'll head to the top of the rock. If its not raining, and throw myself off, maybe I'll be worth more money dead than alive beings that my children think I'm either a brain surgeon or an ATM machine!!! Sweet little angels that they are. Devil money spawns!!! I hope they grow out of this money thing, it would be nice to have roll reversals don't you think??!!!!
They do good with me as their beloved mother, my two sweeties. I'm sure I have fully prepared them for the world!!! Their good, their as traumatized as it comes!!
Ready to handle any life situation. I'm Nooo Joan Crawford and I hate wire hangers as well, but I DEFINITLY have not been a doting mother in their teen years!! Oh well, it will make for great stories some day when they tell their children what I was like!!! Lmao!!! GOD BLESS my little luvs

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