Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I befriended a nice guy who teaches math at NYU. He's was born and raised in Jamaica. So I felt it my part to terrorize him with my American humor and bubbly personality. He's really a nice guy, I talk, he listens and laughs. He asks all sort of questions. Funny. He said to me, " Have you ever gone to Canada?" I said, "Noooo, what the hell would I do in Canada!!" Eeewwwhh, I told him I was bored in Italy!!! Except when I was in Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius was smoking!! Awesome!! That had my attention!! Lol, Florence was my pace, but anywhere else, I would be bored out of my mind!!
As we passed by Newark airport a plane was landing, I told him I always wanted to be an airline pilot, but I suck at math!! That's when he told me he has his masters in engineering. Too funny!! He laughed like all hell at that. I just told him, math was never my thing. I think he was quit bewildered with that.
New York is soo the worlds capital. Sooo exciting. In the salon the other day was a charming women who we befriended, she has written five broadway plays!! Gosh, how fun!! I would luv to write a play!! Oohhh, I imagine how drama filled my play would be!! Good conquering evil, Carrie Bradshaw taking over Amanda Priestly's office!! Oohhh, how good it would be..... Xoxo

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