Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I arrived in PA yesterday at lunch time
It's now Tuesday 3:30
And I'm on the bus
Heading back to Brooklyn

Thank the good lord!!

For some unknown reason
I'm not to be there

I went back to move out of the
Beautiful apartment I had
Moved in months ago

But for some reason
The mystical world
The unknown ramifications
Life throws at you
It was brought to my eyes

I was not to be there
I understand world
You are showing me a sign

I know what it is
I just can't reveal it
But my Angels
Were clearly looking out for me

Well, I'm gone
And I'm glad
Your right universe
I didn't need that shoved in my face

The past rests
Everything in place

Back to Brooklyn I go
To figure out
Why the universe wants
Me in New York

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