Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I had a client the other day
Just a young guy
Maybe around 19-20
He was here taking an English class
He was from a small town located
Outside of Paris

So I said to him
How do you like New York

His response
It's sooo big
Paris is nothing like this
Paris is sooo small
Compared to this

I said yes, yes it is
He can't believe the buildings
The enormous magnitude
Of it all

He just kept saying
"Paris is not this big"

I just laughed
I like to hear the tourist
Their response to the city

That's what's so awesome
About living and working
In New York

There's nothing in the world
Like it
What a lifetime
Experience I am having

I will always remember my time here
For the rest of my life
It's been such a joy to me
Brought me soo much happiness

You toxic people can attack me
All you want now
I don't even care about any of
You morons anymore!!

Your all dead to me
I now realize how horrible
You all are
You can stay
Living in Po Dunk
Being miserable

None of you see it
But karma got you all

I'm soo laughing

Karma it comes in many forms
You guys are too stupid to see
How your karma was served


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