Tuesday, July 30, 2013


There's an article in this months Vogue
Supposedly written about what
Brooklyn is like
It gets me sooo made!!
They pick 3 different restaurants
Of coarse all 5 star!!

Your a retard!!
You idiot that wrote this article!!
This is Exactly why I started this blog!!

Anna Wintour Should be embarrassed!!
I would have NEVER approved this article

That's because you morons
Never even come to Brooklyn
It's just sad

The real restaurants are your Ma & Pa
Where real people
Not trained EFFN chefs cook
Good old home cooked food
For you!!

Go to where the girls from DR
are cooking
Or somewhere in Asia
Or Latin America!!

I was soo disappointed with this article
I actually went numb!!

I live in Brooklyn!!!!
The real Brooklyn!!
Not some fairy tale Brooklyn!!

These pictures are of the REAL Brooklyn!!!
Now, kiss my ass!!!
I'm soo not in a good mood!!!

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