Monday, July 29, 2013


The love story:
The sweet beginning
The turbulent middle
The breakup
The reconciliation
The happy ending

I listened to William & Kate's
Luv story the other nite on tv
This was 10 years of dating
On/ off
Breaking up
And the happy ending

He broke up with her at one point!!
She must have been CRUSHED!!

A happy ending
Is what we all want

I had a famous author tell me that
What book or movie doesn't have one?

Ok, there is one book
I know of
An old love story
It does not have a happy ending

In fact
We are left to believe
He spends the rest of his life
Always loving her
But lost her

At my age
I now know
You can no longer
Be cynical about
The fact of "an endless" love
But the fact
It is all sooo possible

To all of you out there
Who have an ENDLESS LOVE
read this book
30 yrs later
This book is still
Better than Wuthering Heights
Or Romeo & Juliet

I bought this book
In 1982 and I still have it!!
I reread it time and again

The ending just breaks my heart
I soo didn't want David
To spend the rest of his life
Without her!!

My god
Even Scarlet O'hara
Is confident with the hope of tomorrow
A new day
That little sassy pants
Can get her man back!!

But with the book
Endless Love
We the reader are left

What the hell happened to poor David??!!
Did he kill himself
Did he end up marrying someone
Who he really didn't love??!!!

Oh God
That settling for anyone
Is the worst thing in the world
I live by experience with that one
I unfortunately live with experience
With a lot of things!!

Yes I'm one of those!!
If it can go wrong
It certainly will

I could eff up Niagara Falls
Just by looking at it!!
The water would probably
Stop flowing if I showed up there!!

Will I get my happy ending?
We will see

I don't fall in love easily
And certainly don't fall in love
With everyone one that comes
Into my dating life

Some people can do this
Fall in love with whoever
Is there at the time
These type of people
Bewilder me

How do you tell every
Person you date or are with
"Oh I'm MADLY in love with you"


Ya, I LUV cleaning the toilet
As well!!
"Oh I just luv my potty!"

You people that do this
Are stupid!!
Just stupid!!

It's a low self esteem thing

Oh I'm sorry
Did I just say that?????


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