Monday, October 27, 2014


Yes, there's nothing worse in the world than heartbreak
Sometimes it's seems like its never going to go away
Some of us take longer than others
Don't you just hate it when your friends say to you......
"Just get over it, forget about him/her"
Easier said then done
If you were truly  deeply in love I believe it never really goes away
Sorry to all you "Drop it, meet someone else and move on" people 
But I believe there's a few times in most of our lives that we fall sooo madly in love there's just never forgetting that person
Do you wake up everyday and think of them
Are they the last person you think of before you fall asleep
Sucks doesn't it
Throughout history unrequited love has happened, been written about, people have ended their lives because they just couldn't image living without the person whom their heart belonged to

Best thing you can do after experiencing a breakup that you didn't want is walk away
Walk away
Take time for yourself
Pamper yourself
This is your time
Find something to throw yourself into
A hobby, your career, moving away
Starting a new life in a different place
Are all things that can help
But find something to focus on
Don't hold your emotions in
Crying is a really good thing
Some people don't believe that but it is
Cry as much & as long as you want
And don't let anyone put a timeline on your heartbreak !
If it takes you weeks, months or years to get over someone you really were in love  with THATS OK!
Even if you never get over them
But know in your head you have to put it away 
Like putting away your High School trophies
Eventually box it up
Put it away 
Way far back in your closet 
It's ok to bring out memories ever so often 
You own them!
They belong to you
Your aloud to feel and do whatever you want with them
And maybe just maybe
If it's like a Nicholas Sparks movie.....
No matter what happened
Or how it ended
If two people are meant to be together
Anything can be fixed or mended 
Everybody likes a happy ending

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