Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Pittsburgh has traumitized my palette to nooo avail
Coming out of New York City to this 
Has been traumatizing for me
I'm not going to lie....
Pittsburgh has beat me up in more than one way
I hate the salon scene here
And the food selection is quite heavy
Unlike my healthy lifestyle eating experiences in New York 
These people would fry a car if they could!!
 They love their French fries
Their on every menu
The meals are heavy 
And the serving sizes enough to feed a party of 5
I'm a skinny little girl
I don't eat a lot
Ok Pittsburgh
Your sooo not winning my heart

The one thing here that is HUGE is this popcorn place
Everyone in the city stops
So today I did as well

Pittsburgh popcorn is to my liking
Yes, negative Nelly has found something she likes
This is right down the street from where I work 
In downtown pittsburgh

If your ever here grab a bag

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