Thursday, October 2, 2014


Right now getting acclimated to "The Burgh" is as bad as going to the Dentist!!
And we ALL know how much we hate going to the Dentist
The Pirates lost last night......dummies 
The Steelers aren't doing any better
Can you tell I like sports


No wonder New York is the most beloved city in the world

Does anyone downtown actually work here!??
You got a whole lot of street corner people 

This City gives me writers block
Amongst other things

When I'm here in Pittsburgh I feel isolated
I'm sooo far away from my beloved places
God, I miss the Jersey shore
I miss Coney Island 

The people here need to get it moving
Like get a job and work????!!!!!
Do anything

Downtown Pittsburgh is sooo not my Mid-town
It's dirty
There's this bus thing going on here
It's strange
This town is "Bus central"

And their Hair!!
Well let's not even go there!
Do you know how many Mullets I've seen since I've been here

I'm missing the Love of my life.......
I'm soo missing New York City!

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