Sunday, October 26, 2014


The Universe is once again working it's magic
Is fate once again calling me?
My children want me to come home
My one son even saying to me, "mom stop running away" please come home
God, a lifetime of friends contacting me
Calling me home
If I go home I'm going home to spend the rest of my life in New York or somewhere in Jersey so I have easy access to New York City & the beach
I just can't live amongst the closed minded ninnies in my hometown
Especially that God awful town known as Emmaus!
I'm not! 
I just see ignorance

Those of us from high school that have moved away feel the same way I do 
They NEVER want to go back either 
I talked to my first love he lives out West. Very successful Doctor, he too said he would NEVER move back there! 
I'm glad to hear fellow HS friends feel this way 
I enjoy being around people that "Get It" so to speak

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