Sunday, October 12, 2014


I had a date the other night
He took me to this out of the way place 
It was so hip it didn't even have a name yet

He was amazing
Ruggedly handsome, tall, thin, from Oregon
He was casually dressed to my liking 
You could tell he was from Oregon
He looked like he just walked off the cover of an LLBEAN magazine
He had the looks of John Stamos
He was sort of quiet and shy
Yet smiled all the time
Was witty and funny

He talked about life growing up in the Pacific Northwest
He's divorced like me
Has two kids as well

He won my interest
Because he never once mentioned a word about the ex-wife or other women in his life

I'm not interested in a guy who's a serial dater 

Truthfully, I have NEVER had such an amazing date in MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!
Noo seriously
This lovely kind, sweet guy that found me was amazing!
I needed this right now
God needed to show me that there still were decent men out there
Yes, I need to have faith in people again

Our date went well
We talked as though we had known each other for a lifetime
And I could tell "Things" you can't buy in a store weren't important to him 
As far from shallow as possible he was, I know this because another couple walked in that night and the girl was "model" beautiful. He NEVER once looked her way. 
He was a breath of fresh air compared to all the idiots I have dated since I got divorced. 
He had a brain
I could tell all his wheels were turning
And turning in all the right directions!
Oregon.... Mmmmhhh

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