Sunday, October 12, 2014


It's rare that I get involved with anything political that's just not me
But I came across this on Twitter

I don't pay too much attention to the famous 
It just doesn't interest me 
But this did
And this is why.....

Andrew Cuomo just released a picture of him and his daughters with his girlfriend the tv chef Sandra Lee

I think this is a hit!
I luv her
And if your going to be a politician 
What a better way to win the publics hearts than with a beautiful blonde 
With a wonderful heart. 

Condescending Beitch, Brunette Barbie doesn't sell, let alone win anyone's heart

Believe me I know one 
She thinks she great
In this delusional world she lives in

I'm a hairdresser 
There's nothing more of a turn off 
Than a Red-Brown Bitch

Look at any Blonde girl
She's soft
Sweet looking
And has kind all over her face
What man wouldn't want a Blonde over a cold, stern, boring brunette

Andrew Cuomo got my vote!!!

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