Friday, October 3, 2014


I'm lucky
I was always skinny
I never had to worry about my weight 
Last summer I weighed 90lbs
But that's nothing to brag about
Most of my friends proclaiming I didn't look healthy
A year later I've added 10lbs to my tiny frame
I'm petite and small boned 
So now that I'm older I do have to watch what I put in my mouth
Lucky for me.....
My biggest craving is vegetables & fruits
Yes! My body actually craves those items 
I eat very little meat, bread, pasta 
Dessert is my biggest downfall 
I luv cake!
Soda is a treat
Here in Western Pennsylvania they call 
Soda "POP"
Eating well can be a challenge in my industry
It's grab something quick
Which doesn't always come with 
A wise choice
But I try to stay with healthy items when I pack my lunch

Oooppss did I just add this pizza 

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