Friday, October 10, 2014


What's it like to be a New York City hairdresser ????
I'm talking a "Real" New York City hairdresser
Not some famous celebrity gay guy hairdresser who's forgotten where his beginnings were
These stylist sooo bore me
True group of narcissist 
Because why......
Because the famous can walk into any given salon at any given time at any given part of the city and not care one rats ass if your a "name brand" stylist
Really people
Your bore me!
According to any famous stylist
I'm a nothing and a nobody
But quess what.....
I'm not going to tell 
The "A" list of celebrities I have met and cut while standing behind my chair in Greenwhich Village
Or Mid-town or the UWS

What's it really like to be a hairdresser 
In New York?
It's heaven and Hell allllll rolled into one
But quess what......
A bad day in New York is still a better day anywhere else!

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