Friday, October 3, 2014


For many years I have longed to get a degree in the culinary field
Dreams of 
becoming a pastry Chef
When I look at a wedding cake I see beauty equivalent to another 
Girl looking at a beautiful diamond! 
Even a gorgeous cupcake
I so want to be the designer behind some of these beautiful, mouth watering, decadent
Happy endings

For many years I have dreamed of going to the Hudson Valley of upstate New York
And attend the most prestigious culinary school in the world
Yes! I'm dying to get a degree from the "Harvard" of culinary education
The Culinary Institute 

I've done a lot of things on my Bucket list since I'm divorced
I went to Paris & London
I walked away from my hometown and started a new life in New York City
I moved to western Pennsylvania 
Where I got to personally meet some very nice Pittsburgh sports stars
Jack Ham, Sydney Crosby & Lynn Swann

In New York I was a celebrity stylist as well

Next week I'm officially divorced for 5 years
Although some roads have been a ruff ride
I survived
I'm glad I haven't gotten involved with anyone
No one that I have met in my divorced years even came close to being worthy of who I am as a person
They haven't warranted any of my time
All shallow, self-centered men who will even throw their own children under the bus
For lust, status, image & being taken care of financially by their women. Traits we should be proud of.....NOT!!

May I continue to grow 
As I travel alone in the second half of my life

I think the time has come
To head to Hyde Park New York 
And change my career

Slyvia Weinstock is getting old
Someone needs to take over her position as best cake decorator in the world!  

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