Friday, October 17, 2014


Is it possible to ever move out of New York City and actually be happy somewhere else?
I'm going to tell you the truth!
Once New York has gotten in your blood do yourself a favor......
Don't leave!
I'm soo sorry Pittsburgh but I'm sooo not enjoying you
I'm going to do what now? 
I'll tell you what
I'm going to hunker down
Make a plan 
Work my plan
And by my 50th Birthday
I'm gonna give myself one big 
Birthday gift!
I'm heading back into New York 
Where I plan to work my Bucket list
Which includes getting a college degree
And what better city to find the Love of your life.....
It's such a romantic place to do exactly that..... 
If you are single in New York after a certain point there's nowhere else to go 
But down 
And I'm not going down 
New York I'm coming home in two months! 
I miss the East Coast
I want to live my life in the East
I'm sorry Pittsburgh
I feel to isolated out here in western 
God! I would die in Kansas 
I'm going home!
And I'm not going to leave ever again!!
If someone wants me...
I'll be in New York!

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