Sunday, October 12, 2014


My name is Tracy
And this is my story 

I got divorced 5 yrs ago
I have 2 awesome sons
My oldest looks just like Channing Tatum
My little guy looks moffia Italian

I've been a hairstylist on the East Coast for 30 yrs
Right now
I hate hairdressing

After I got divorced 
I entered into a horrible relationship
After this relationship ended 
I left my hometown and moved to New York City 

I fell madly in love with New York 

Now I live in Pittsburgh
I hate it!
But I'm writing a story
And my Ghost writer is here helping me

Will I go back to New York?
I now have my eyes set on Living in London or Paris

I'm a middle-aged chick 
Trying to find her way
Some of my friends think I have 
Lost my mind since I left my husband 

I think my new found freedom
Has enriched my life

I'm working my Bucket list

I've been single for the last few years

I could be your mom!

So, let me give you some advice:

Don't be afraid to get a little wet
Failure is a good thing
Hell, get out there
And fail at a lot of things!

Step out of your comfort zone
It will change your life
The only thing holding you back
Is fear

If your going to push the envelope 
Push it well and push it right

Don't be co-dependent !
Don't define who you are 
As who you are with someone else

Whether your storms
Life storms are good
They cleanse you 

Color outside the lines

Keep a good resume 

Do your hair

Keep your teeth white

Stay out of the sun & the tanning beds
Trust me

Don't lower your standards 
I did
That's how I got burned

All my High School girlfriends are married to wonderful men and are not divorced. Because.....
They didn't lower their standards

Don't let anyone ever treat you like your a disposable razor! 

Believe in Girl Code
Don't ever entice someone else's man
Or vice versa
It's a reflection on your character 
There's plenty of single men/women 
Out there you don't need to take from someone else's garden
Life is hard enough
When you have kids
A career 
And trying to figure everthing out 

It's not all bout you!
WOW! Can you narcissist imagine
The world really doesn't just revolve around you

Stay away from the "Shallow" people
Those people who were born and raised poor and grow up to crave status, image
These people become greedy jerks 
Who would sell their soul to the devil
To finally "arrive" on the stage of "look at me, look at me now!" 

Whatever you do 
Do it well and with pride
Next time your morning coffee guy/girl 
Serves your coffee
Think about them
Look how happy they are working at WAWA

And always remember.....

Your smile is your logo

Your personality is your business card

How you leave others feel after having an experience with you......


Some of you.....
Have left me with a very bad taste in my mouth!

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