Friday, October 3, 2014


Today I was blessed to meet a hairdresser
I'll give her the fictional name of
Anastasia Beaverhausen 
So not to reveal her true identity
Well, it's also because of her presentation 
her style and her hairdressing lifestyle 
That I bequeath this character with such a fitting name

Anastasia and I have a mutual acquaintance
Let's just say 
When I walked into Anastasia's  salon
I thought I just had enter the set of
My Big Fat Greek Wedding!
Her salon had all the ambiance  of a Greek home or Diner
Anastasia was pleased to meet a New York City hairdresser
And sooo wanted to know what I thought of her salon decorum 
I think I swallowed my tongue before I gave her my response
Of coarse I'm much too polite to render such ghastly insults 
But I told her it had all the beauty and fixings of a truely 
Elegant  Hollywood movie
Yes! That's how I would hide my quiet distain for her 
Shabby chic Greek salon 
Yes I said, "It looks like something from the set of an old MGM movie"
She squeeled in pleasure of my response
How happy I had made Anastasia through my little white lie
(I'll go to Mass tomorrow and ask God for forgiveness)

When I first walked into the salon I was greeted with chandeliers
Now, I love chandeliers 
Don't get me wrong
But these chandeliers.....
I had never seen anything like them!!
Everything was black
The walls, the salon furniture, even the employees sported the typical "Hairdresser" attire BLACK!!
The only thing that was white were the 
Paul Mitchell color boxes I saw off in the distant at the color bar

I longed for that not to be a color bar but a real Bar
Because in all actuality
This stylist needed hard liquor!!

Good old Anastasia looked EXACTLY like the mom in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding!
She was a big boned women, pleasantly blump, wearing all black except her heels,  her heels were red. All of Anastasia's  jewelry 
Was very large and blinged. Like I imagine the Hope Diamond would. 
In fact, the neglace around her neck was sooo large and sparkled it was the first thing That caught my eye! 
I lie, I noticed her very large boobs and then the neglace 
Uncanny how much she looked like Tulas mom!!
Anastasia was a true gem
May God bless her shabby chic salon
Her very Greek image
And I hope she turns that bar into a true bar!
I'm sure Paul Mitchell wouldn't mind a little lite cocktail served with his 6N

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