Friday, September 5, 2014


I want to be very clear in my statement
I live and work in New York City
I want to be VERY clear here with what I'm going to tell you
Let go of any ideas or delusions what "You Think" is going on in 
New York with hair
NYC is a VERY International city
That being said, what type of hair do you think we are dealing with??????
Women from Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Mexico, Puerto Rico etc.....
Have naturally curly hair. They wear it long, noooo Mom Bobs for these gals 
Sock Buns you see on everyone 
We are doing a lot of Keratin straighteners
The average Manhattan women spends $6,000 to $10,000 a year on blow drys
Us NYC stylist are blow drying our as***** off
The Ethnic salons don't get Rockn & Rollin till later in the evening and Rock till
Weeeee ours of the morning
I have sat in Flatbush Brooklyn till 3am waiting for my friends hair-extensions to be done
International women wear long hair, it's part of their cultures
New York is the most exciting, glamorous city in the world
These women pay a lot of attention to their looks 
We all lead very busy lives in NYC
We are not like the suburbian American women who go to work & go home
We have meetings, cocktail parties, we go to mixers, we go to off Broadway shows
We need to look Glamourous
We need our hair done! 
This week starts Fashion Week here in New York
I already got invited to 3 shows
It's going to be sooo much fun
To be apart such a lifestyle
It's the job we all dream of
Life Of A New York City Hairdresser

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