Monday, September 22, 2014


Let's talk bout pittsburgh
I'm spending time here
In a very affluent town called Sewickley

So I'm told this town is one of the wealthiest zip codes
In the United States


Well anyway, here I am

I arrived in Payton Place (that's the name I've given to Sewickley)
The surface here looks all sooo pretty
It gives a very "Ralph Lauren"  appearance
Everyone is very well mannered
For the most part they come across with a pernicious friendliness

They all wear a "country club" attire 
Sooo unlike my New York City hairstylist look
I've had to tone down my dress since I've been here
My Doc Martins have been put away
My wild stretch pants
And gone are my hairpieces and wigs

I grew up on the East coast
If you would put a beach here
Sewickley is very much like Cape May New Jersey
With its Jeffersonian appeal
And it's old Victorian Homes

This is suburbia Americana

I was able to keep sporting my converse sneakers
That we all wear in NYC
They do wear those

This is a small community
And they are very Proud of it 
I understand that
This would be the perfect place to grow old
And fade into the woodwork
Sorta speak

Let's take a look 
At small town Americana

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