Monday, September 15, 2014


The hardest thing bout doing hair in 
Suburbia Americana the women don't  
LISTEN to the hairdressers advice!

And this hateful salon chain Great Cutters seems to be the rage

How dreadful!

These people go into one of these chop shops sit down, get no shampoo 
No blow dry and leave with a hit or miss cut


OMG! I'm going to faint!

Your hair makes up close to 85% of who you are

How could you not listen to the advice of the educated stylist???!!!!

Come on 10, wake up

CVS, Rite Aid, or Walmart don't have your hair product secrets!

Listen to the advice of the stylist

We are the only profession that goes to school receives an education and renders no respect!

There's  more chemistry and biology 
And business knowledge to this then you laymen "think"  there is

Gone are the days of the "Stupid" hairdresser 

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