Thursday, September 4, 2014


Back to New York I go
The salon scene in Pittsburgh is Ghastly, just Ghastley!
Do you know how many haircuts I have fixed since I arrived weeks ago!!!

In the last week I fixed quite a few
I keep a sign out front of the salon
Saying, "Free consultations" 
People, how much time does it really take to offer someone a free chat????
The one cute little middle-aged women came in and said her hair was a disaster
Well, it most certainly was
Psssstttt: obviously I didn't tell this Frau like creature this
But she had naturally curly and it was a frizze-ball!!!
Well after we chatted a bit and I figured out her disasterious problem 
Here it was the simple fact........
She was soooo over texturized...... Her ends were completely GONE
Who does this?!
To curly hair??!!!!
I told her her plight and explained what she need to do
While I was discussing products with her I applied some Moroccan oil and flat ironed her
Hair. The poor girl wasn't the most attractive thing on the planet and to make things worse
The last hairstylist tried to make sure she wasn't even going to be Queen of the nerds!
This lovely little lady was heading out to lunch, so I new I needed to Glamorize her. 
When I was done...... She had a beautifully styled Mom Bob! 
I made her prettier than a Princess
And rightly so....... She so deserved to feel beautiful after leaving my magic hands
And off to lunch I sent this cute, little charming gal

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