Monday, September 15, 2014


Everyone who knows me knows I'm in love with New York
I've worked and lived all around this magical city
This is the place that has won my heart

Let me introduce you to Washington Square Park
It's in The famous Greenwich Village
I work in The Village
I never thought I would be here in New York 
It was always just a dream

I work in Greenwich Village
Do you know how awesome that is?!
NYU is right here
And NYU is right at Washington Square Park

In the morning I sit with my Starbucks coffee
And sit and think how lucky I am to be here
Enjoying my little cup of coffee
In the most famous, loved city in the World


This park has a lot going on
The Piano player is my favorite
And to sit here at nite and watch the snow come down 
Is breath taking
Tears have fallen from my eyes at its beauty

Yes, this city means soo much to me
Instead of falling in "Love" with someone else 
I feel in Love with New York
I think this Cinderalla is doing quite ok
Enjoy my pictures of Washington Square Park

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