Sunday, September 28, 2014


I live between 2 very different cities
Some of the time I'm in New York
A few days of the week I'm trying to
Make a life in Pittsburgh
The love of my life will always be New York 
She was there for me when I walked away from my old life and the minute I stepped into that marvelous city it was love at first sight 
No one or nothing has won my heart like my New York 

I came to Pittsburgh because I was dating someone (that's a whole other story!) 
But like most of the men I pick
That was a huge dissapointment 

Could this dating thing in my divorce yrs be eternally filled with idiots or less 

Hopefully the tides will turn and Prince Charming will sweep me off my feet....
Ya right!


This Pittsburgh thing has not stole my heart like my New York had. 

Don't get me wrong....
I like it
It's a more controlled big city
Not as intimidating (to some of you)
And accessible from the burbs

But can I spend the rest of my life here??
Western PA is not accessible to my major favorite locations
Boston, Philly, Jersey, D.C.
Hell, even upstate New York is too far

My life between 2 very different cities 

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