Tuesday, September 9, 2014


How many lies do we all live with????
As we age & get older some of us look back on our lives 
How did we live our lives
How accountable were we for our part in some wrongs & hurt we projected onto others
What will out legacy be.....

One lie that ways heavy on my heart is....

I dated someone for quite awhile and cheated on him
For months and months I lived this lie
Leading him on, thinking we we're building something special
Soooo not true
All the while I sooo wanted to be with the other man
This lie festered in me

When the other man finally left his significant other as well
(We were both cheating on our significant others)
I was incredibly ecstatic!
A dream come true
How lucky I had gotten after a divorce!!
How did I get sooo lucky!!
He was gorgeous, extremely successful, and everything I always wanted!

When the time had come to finally discard the unfortunate ninny I had been dating for the last year.....
I simply took him behind the garage and said, "I don't want to hurt you any further and need to let you go"
Completely devasted, my partner who was by my side day & nite was blown  away!
The schock on his face, the tears in his eyes, ment nothing to my cold heart
All I wanted was this other man
I could've cared less that knucklehead was in pain
All I wanted was out of this and to move onto my unbelievable new conquest

I had nooo accountability for the fact that I had used this poor lad over the coarse of a year
To satisfy my inner whatever???????
Devasted, my partner begged me not to do this
He had nooo idea of my secret affair

I just didn't care!!!
I just wanted what "I" wanted and the Hell with everyone else!!

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