Friday, September 26, 2014


It's all shiny and nice to write a textbook Blog
But how much fun is that??

All your information just sitting there shiny and nice
Waiting for girls like me or guys..... 
Far and few In between.... I suppose
To read it

But girls like me
Scrolling through the mounds and mounds of information

What really captures our eye and gets us following your stuff?
With me, it's anything to do with hair, fashion, Bling, food
Of coarse I'm a true girl
What else am I truly interested in????



Doesn't anyone have an antidote yet for this subject.......

I'm a hairstylist and no matter who's in my chair
From that celebrity to your average beautiful chicka or guy
Who ain't talking bout luv to me????

I didn't start this Blog to make it textbook!
Hell, there's nothing textbook about being a hairdresser 

Ok, now lets tell some stories

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