Wednesday, September 17, 2014


September is not a big updo season
But why it's on my mind lets talk updos

I always recommend to my clients 
To NEVER wash the day of the performance of my updo

The first thing I do to prepare
I spray all my bobby pins with
Matrix Performa

Strongest hairspray in my professional
Inventory of arsenals 

The most important aspect is it's STAMINA
Yes, it has to last

The next thing I do as you sit in my chair is I spray some dry shampoo on the roots. This will create my base hold 

Now I design my sculpture into one magnificent art work

As you relax and are in aaawwwhh 
Of Wut I have now created on your head

I will finish with my favorite light hold 
Hairspray, Morracon oil

Now, the finally.....

As I spin you around to face my mirror
You let out such a screech of happiness 

Yes, I know you want to hug me 
For creating such a beautiful look
But now is not the time!

STOP! Do not touch me!!
Infact, don't be hugging anyone!!

No one is coming close to my updo!!

Enjoy a style of a TRUE artist

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