Thursday, September 11, 2014


My clients date didn't go well
She stopped in today to let me know wut went down
And she said, "the employment bureau could've sent a nicer guy!"


She said he was sooo exhausting with an abundance of 
Stupid, vile ignorant crap she HAD to jump ship!
He couldn't even hold a conversation
She said he didn't even know what Little Big Horn was!


I didn't think you were aloud out of the Americana public school system
Without at least knowing that.......
Poor Custard, he would be mortified that someone didn't know 
Who he was
He was a full blown narcissist
Ya'll knew that....... Right??????

I told her while dating my Prince Harming I to quietly suffered
Due to lacked anything?????
We didn't want to get into demorilizing anyone because of no college education
Hell, even the Rhodes scholars can make a first date a nightmare
With their lack of common sense
But really, most of us want someone with some sort of substance....,

I suppose not, some chickas gotta take what they can get
And for some gals the picking is slim
Especially for the poor gal that has my Prince Harming
I suppose she doesn't ASPIRE for much
Especially when it comes to men?!

Well, my client is back to square 1
She's now just entering her 30's 
And her prospects are not chart worthy
What's a pretty little Gal to do.......

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