Monday, September 15, 2014


Awhile ago life was just "normal"
I owned a wonderful salon in my hometown, my kids were doing their thing and life after divorce seem to have turned out ok. 

I also had been blessed to have a wonderful boyfriend. "How did I get soo lucky?" I would ask myself. 

Awhile ago I had the "Perfect" boyfriend, handsome, successful, sweet, kind, thoughtful. So I thought!

I thought we were happy, I thought I was in a commited relationship, just us two building something special after our divorces. A second chance at love. (Little did I know) 

Betrayal would come in the backdoor
And kicked  my legs out. 

All of a sudden the man that I thought loved and adored me became my biggest enemy. 

My relationship with my Prince became a battlefield. 

Yes, I became a wounded warrior. 

Wounded because I had noooo idea
That behind my back my Prince was actually an evil entity, building a relationship with a Cruella Di Vil sort of personality type. How aweful, how could my Prince so desire such an older gal.....


There I was, I had become a wounded warrior. 

At my age I have a greater chance at being struck by lightening than finding a decent, normal, life partner.

Sometimes on the dating battlefield one warriors defeat can be another warriors victory

There's one thing that keeps us wounded warriors believing......

I happen to be a hopeless romantic 
Yes, I believe in Love

I moved away from my hometown 
I was tooo hurt to stay

So I changed my life and walked away
From a world I always knew

I went to New York City and didn't fall in love with someone else, but I fell in love with that wonderful city and myself. 

I'll NEVER let some hillbilly demoralize me ever again. 

I deserved sooo much better, I know that now. And if this has happened to you......

You deserve sooo much better as well 

The Universe puts us all were we need to be, don't kid yourself.

He didn't deserve me, I was too smart, beautiful, and have class & character

The Cruella Di Vil that I got replaced for has none of these. She never could or will be ME! 

The Universe put him right were he needs to be

Those of us who are dating are warriors competing on a brutal battlefield 

And that's the whole thing, your man should NEVER make your relationship a competion, you didn't make him compete against someone else??

I hear he's enjoying condescending Beotch, must be his comfort zone 

I've become the Switerland of the dating world. 

I remain optimistic

And my search continues

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