Monday, September 15, 2014


I've only been here in Pittsburgh
8 weeks 
I'm working on building a clientele 
I have around 200 people that I have coming back to me. 
The people here in Pittsburgh are charming
Pittsburgh is sooo different than New York, obviously 
The city of Pittsburgh is a more controlled & not as intimidating to my hometown friends as New York 
This being the exact statement 
Pittsburgh is big enough to render Hollywoods attention
Like New York their always filming tv shows or movies here
I do like downtown 
Although the shopping is sooo not NYC and we are missing about 7 million people 
But for the most part, I do like Pittsburgh 
It gives me that city feel without that big city strangulation 
Pittsburgh is accessible & not intimidating and the Bridges are beautiful 
I hope the Gas & Oil situation sky rockets and this charming little city 
Becomes the metropolis to the west! 

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