Monday, September 8, 2014


My stories of dating a narcissist: 

My gf is getting a divorce. She went away for a month to rehab
Not rehab for drugs or alcohol
But emotional rehab
Getting mentally healthy
When she returned to her home
She packed her things and walked away
From her new house, her beautiful FAKE lifestyle
(All the neighbors thought they were the perfect happy couple)
Left her kids behind (for right now)
Left her beloved animals as well
Making a stance like this is scary and hard
But she's mentally healthy now
She found out he was cheating on her for yrs!
Dating sights, emails etc.....
This jolted my memory as well into my days of my life dating my Prince Harming.

One night I woke up to find he wasn't in bed?????
I quietly snuck downstairs to peep around the corner into his office
To discover him emailing the women he cheated on me with!
YES!! That's how they would communicate 
I never said anything to my Prince Harming about that night
But these are the hurtful things these women wouldn't want done to them!

I believe in "Girl Code"
I won't steal your man if you don't take mine as well!!
It's just showing me what your CHARACTER is like
There's tooo many single men and women out there
 In society why do you need to steal someone else's??????
Such class

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