Monday, September 8, 2014


If HE doesn't ask for your hand in marriage after a year to a year and a half
He's NEVER going to! ---Dr. Phil
So don't you think you deserve to be with a guy who wants to invest with you???!!
Or are you going to waste your time with a Guy who wants to always "Play" house
If he's not asking for your hand in marriage there's issues there......
If he's divorced maybe he's still "in Love" with his ex-wife?????
Or did the BREAK UP of his marriage traumatized him soooo much that he NEVER wants
To get married again??!!!
Don't be so stupid you silly silly girls
That's Baggage!!!
Tell him to get mentally healthy while you move onto finding Prince Charming
NEVER BEG a man to marry you
Are you that desperate ??????
Tell this ding a ling to keep it moving
What's that old saying????
"Why buy the cow when your getting the milk for free"?????
Get a brain, get some self respect, stop being co-dependent
Are you really that pathetic????????
You deserve soooo much better
Now, Get out there
Make this your day that you unload that man your with!
I'm telling You...... He's NEVER going to marry you

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