Friday, February 28, 2014


Sometimes after a divorce we find happy endings. 
Two wonderful people meet
And two families are able to come together
Like the Brady Bunch
This is wonderful when two people meet and bring themselves and their children together to form a new family. 
To me this is a sign of a true mature adult couple
The second time around should be wonderful for everyone 
for you and your children
Some of you are just sooo self centered your not taking into consideration your a package, those kids will be in your life forever and need to be respected just like anyone else!
Is your self-centerness causing your kids to remove themselves from your life because they can't stand your knew partner?!
Then we all need to consider your mentality
And believe me.....
We are!!
A healthy mind means considering everyone's happiness after a family experienced a divorce 
Not just your own narcissist self!!
Wake up get a brain!
Find happiness where two mature adults find love and happiness for both themselves and their children!
Put yourself in your kids shoes....
AAAHHH, WOW! Is that too tuff for you?!
How would you feel as a child if your mom or dad married or moved in with someone you hated?!!
The second time around should be blending two people and their children together for happiness
This couple did and look at the sign at the wedding that was posted!

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