Friday, February 28, 2014


Now that I'm on the road to recovery
I have taken myself out of the wash
And I am clean

I now speak at my girlfriends wellness center in NYC. I give speeches about my narcissist abusive relationship. 

When I first started speaking at this center I was amazed to find out how many "Me's" there were out there. All of us walking around in bewilderment asking the same questions I had asked myself, tormented myself about.  

I was schocked  to find out I was one in a million of wounded warriors. What was even more scarier, it was the exact same vile, hateful, statements slung unto us all. 

They to had been exposed to the verbal, mental (mind fucking) abuse I had encountered. 

I now know this is all due to the grooming process. Which insures that the victim doesn't realize that it is the "Abusers" that are the defect. 

As long as the abuser can keep you looking at yourself, they know you won't know how sick and pathetic they are.

If they can keep you in the "spin cycle"
Of pointing the finger at you, you can't see the truth about THEM!

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