Monday, January 12, 2015


There's a lot of thought that goes into your haircut
Some hairdresser's are standing brain dead behind their chair
And have nooo idea why their doing what their doing
Most of what goes into your haircut is a compilation from our consultation 
A thorough consultation will get us both where we need to be
The least amount I find out about your hair.....
The scarier it can be

I need to find out about you
There's a lot of psychology that goes into your hair

I need to learn who you are
What you do with that coiffe on a daily bases

Do you wash everyday or three times a week
Do you blow dry
What hot tools do you use and why

Do you even know why you are doing what your doing????

I might also ask you.....
What you do for a living

Why you might ask?

Because just like a private investigator
I'm putting together a whole profile on you and your hair


Believe it or not that is detrimental to what I do as a stylist

My hair cutting form and design varies from person to person

Just because I gave the last guest/client a very "Vidal Sassoon" cut 
Doesn't mean every guest gets that

I'm an artist, I listen to what you want and have to say
And from there it is all being formed into a picture in my head

Now, seriously

Not all of you can wear your desired look

I'm attractive but I still wish I had beautiful features and hair like the women whom I admire

I see the head as a sphere or a Globe, ya.... Like the earth
I create my cuts around my sphere
Everyone's globe comes in different sizes so I need to take this into consideration

I believe in disconnection
YA! You heard me
Not every haircut needs to be followed from one design line

Disconnection works in the cuts of today

It works in the colors we are creating as well( but that's a wholllleee other story)

Let the hair fall and flow where it wants to go 

The "In" men's cuts have a lot of disconnection
Must be driving my barber friends C R A Z Y

Long sideburns are in for my New York City men
The gorgeous financial studs of Wall St all wearing them

Ann Burrell the famous Chef
Her cut is definitely disconnection and hot!

To all you hairstylist for the need for perfect lines
My finger nails are going down the chalkboard with you

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