Saturday, January 10, 2015


On a daily bases in the salon there's always guest asking for the KARDASHIAN look.
Chloe's hair being the most sought after 

The one thing with Kim and Chloe they keep changing their looks
Which gives us stylist an attitude of, "Oh God, not this again!"
How do I explain to mainstream Americana 
Hair is an investment and when you have the kind of money these pretty gals have
And an "in house" stylist 
The sky has nooo limits

Average mainstream America needs to understand
A lot of this work is done with hair-extensions, clip ons and wigs
It's not only dangerous for your hair to constantly be taken from black to Blonde 
To Black or Brown in a short period of time a good stylist will only go so far....
We seriously gotta think about the integrity of the hair

The KARDASHIAN girls not only have won my heart
But most of the girls in America as well
Chloe the most

Their fashion is uncanny
And every girl right now that sits in most of our chairs
Allll tell the same story.....

"I dream I'm one of them" 
Too cute

You go KARDASHIAN sisstas 

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